Zoom conference calls have become an essential part of our daily lives with team and client meetings becoming the forefront of a modern day of working from home. The more you use the software the more you become comfortable with its functions, however, to save you a bit of time we can put together the ultimate guide to Zoom conference calls! Here you will learn about the fun functions of Zoom and we will take you right back to the basics on how to best use their features. Zoom is an incredible app that allows us to continue working while working from home. We can connect with people from all over the world, it almost feels like they are there with you in the house.


Getting Started

If you have not already now would be a good time to download the app onto your device. Zoom works on laptops, phones and iPad’s. The app can be found in the app store or you can go straight to their website to download it. Either way will work. The app is blue with a camera on it.

The app looks like this

The ultimate guide to your Zoom conference call


How Do I Join A Zoom Meeting?

When someone invites you to a Zoom call, they will likely send you a link that looks like https://zoom.us/j/20103040150 (not a valid link – for illustration purposes only).

You will then have to head over to the Zoom app, click on join and then enter the link or you can write out the Zoom meeting ID and password. Not all rooms will ask for a password, but you will be given this by the host / the person who has invited you. 

How Do I Set Up a Zoom Meeting?

To set up a new meeting you will need to head over to the app / desktop and then click on the Orange square that says “Join Meeting” you can pre send the link out so all your participants can join or you can add them by clicking on manage participants at the bottom of the live call. Click invite others, it is a lot easier inviting them via email.

How Do I Schedule A Meeting?

To schedule a meeting, you will need to head over to the Zoom portal this is where you will find several options. Click on the option that says Schedule a meeting and then here you can fill in all the relevant details you will need to schedule your meeting like date and time. Remember to send your invitation out.

The ultimate guide to your Zoom conference call


What Are Breakout Rooms?

This feature is cool and is perfect if you need to spilt teams up for different meetings etc. This feature can also be used for up to 50 separate sessions. You could have your whole company on it in different rooms, it is awesome. The meeting host can also choose to split the participants up into these separate sessions automatically or manually, whatever works best for you. The host can switch between sessions at any given time.

To set up a breakout room you will need to enable it within settings you can do this in settings you have to be using the desktop version as it will not work otherwise. Once you have logged in head to the section where it says “My Account” in the top right corner. Here you will find settings, under the meeting tab scroll down to the “In Meeting Advanced” section. From here click the switch that enables breakout rooms. If preferred, you can also pre-schedule breakout rooms according to your team requirements. If you do this the breakout rooms will automatically push people into the meeting rooms at the start of the session.

The ultimate guide to your Zoom conference call

What Are Waiting Rooms?

Waiting rooms are a good feature to have on if you don’t want all your participants to bombard your meeting. They are also great if you are not ready to begin the meeting as it allows you to gather your stuff together and get ready to go. The setting lets the host of the zoom call allow entry of participants one at all time or all together. It also stops unwanted guests from joining the meeting. You will be able to enable this setting by switching waiting rooms on in the settings.

Can You Share Your Screen On Zoom?

One of our favorite features of this app! While you are on a call you will see a green button that states “Share Screen” in the center down at the bottom, this is known as your meeting tool bar (it can be found at the top if you are on an iPad) Click on share screen button in your tool bar. Once you have clicked onto it you will see there are several options you can pick.

Our favourite is the whiteboard, here you can share a whiteboard and use it for fun things such as Pictionary or diagrams. Within the share screen option, you can share your whole screen by clicking share screen or if you only wanted to share a proportion of the screen you can also do this. Whatever works best for you during your meeting time. You can also just share your audio this is great if you wanted to start your meeting with a blast of a song to get the team pumped.

The ultimate guide to your Zoom conference call

How To Mute Yourself On Zoom

If you are the host, you can mute all participants within the call. If you are participating, you have the power to mute yourself. This feature can be done by clicking the mute button that is found at the bottom left hand corner.

How Do I Change Names On Zoom?

This is great to use as you can change people names during meetings, and during virtual team building events (link to our virtual page) we use it to change the team names. If you click onto the participants there is a button that looks like three dots click on this and you will see it says change name. Change the name here to whatever you would like.   

What Is the best view on Zoom? Speaker or Gallery

In Zoom you have two very different options to view the screen. This works with the same amount of people so will work even if there are only two of you. When you join a Zoom meeting it will automatically put you into the last view you were using. If you are new to Zoom it will automatically put you into speaker view. It is down to preference as to which one you would use Gallery view is a popular one as you can see everyone at the same time. Speaker view will enlarge the screen of the person that is speaking. Speaker view is good if you had just one person presenting a meeting. You could also use spotlight if one person were leading the meeting. You can find this by clicking on the participants and right clicking, here you will find the option spotlight.   


The ultimate guide to your Zoom conference call


Private Messaging

During a meeting you can message everyone and individuals in the chat system. All you need to do is head to the chat bubble that sits in your tool bar. There is a drop down, here you will find everyone names within the chat click on the one you want and send your message.

How Do I Add A Virtual Background?

Virtual backgrounds are fun and are a great way to lighten up a Zoom chat. You can use the ones they have provided for you or you can add your own pictures. You can change a virtual background by heading to the video option on the bottom of your screen. Click on the arrow and head the video settings in here there is virtual background when you find the one you like click on it and there you will see it. They have so many fun options.    


We understand that Zoom can be draining so if your team needs a boost why not contact us today for one of are fun and engaging virtual events.