Here we are, the year 2020 and we as a business have had to change quickly and dramatically due to a pandemic. We have adapted like so many other businesses and now is the time to share our top virtual team building events with you.

We have over nine Virtual team building events to offer you and your amazing teams! While we can not all gather in big groups as normal and a lot of companies are working from home until the end of the year there is no better time then now to try out our amazing, highly interactive team building activities. All available online via zoom!

1.Seal The Deal – Virtual Team Building

One of our most popular games is Seal The Deal. This highly interactive game is sure to bring the team together and get them motivated while working from home. The game is based on the TV show Deal or No Deal but with a twist and of course all played virtually. The game will follow a similar format to the nostalgic game but with added energisers to keep the whole group engaged. These include hilarious party games such as Pictionary using the virtual zoom whiteboard, 5 second rule games and Dash & Grab rounds.

seal the deal virtual team building activities feature


2.Who’s Got It? Scavenger House Hunt – Virtual Team Building

This is the perfect game for groups of 10+ our biggest event so far is with 300 people and the game just worked so well. Teams take on an exciting adventure through their own house, the aim of the game is to score as many points as possible throughout several different fun energisers. We will ask each team to find certain items from around their house, but we won’t just give the answers to them, oh no, in order to find their item they will have to work out the answer to a mystery riddle within a certain time. It is then a race against time! Teams will also take part in 5 thrilling rounds of games including ‘Hum that tune’ to ‘observe that ad’. It is one not to be missed!

top virtual team building activities scavenger house hunt

3.Who Dares Wins – Virtual Team Building

Who dares wins is a game sure to challenge everyone.  This game will test different parts of the brain and teams will play to their different strengths. The aim of the game is to win as many points as possible for your team and team work together to work their way through the different zones. We have the Ocean zone, Medieval, Futuristic and Jungle Zone.  Each team will travel through time gaining points and taking on challenges.

top virtual team building activities who dares wins

4.Virtual Haka

This amazing event is the perfect event to really bring the team together. Not only will you learn about the traditional ancient Maori Tribes, but you will also participate in and learn the Haka together. Our authentic Maori tribesmen are one of only two groups in the UK that have permission from their Tribal Elders in New Zealand to use the Haka for team building corporate purposes. In fact, our lead instructor is from the actual tribe that wrote the famous Ka Mate Haka that the All Blacks use! 

top virtual team building activities haka workshop


5.Virtual Voice

Our very popular One Voice has been adapted to satisfy your remote working needs! This is a perfect event to help harmonize your team together. Virtual Voice is about using fear to your advantage, grabbing hold of opportunities in a positive way and achieving outside your comfort zone. We instantly prove to even the most cynical delegate that anything is possible.

top virtual team building activities one voice

6.The Greatest Virtual Show

Who would like to learn a new skill? This virtual circus skills workshop is an enjoyable experience which places challenge and problem solving at the core of the team. This high energy and very interactive workshop can revitalize teams as teams learn the difficult skill of juggling! This workshop is perfect for groups of 10 and more.

Man juggling in the kitchen with tomatoes

7.Virtual Power Hour

Fitness in groups is always fun and very motivating. Whether you have just started out on your fitness journey or you just want to get the team up and moving then this virtual class is the one for you. You and your team will be put through a series of exercises and circuits to help get you up and pumped. Come together, keep fit and be happy.

9 Virtual  Team Building Activities For Remote Teams

8.Ready Steady, Cook-a-long

Who is ready to eat? Our virtual cooking workshops are ideal if you are looking for a fun team building activity that is sure to boost morale. Enhance your cooking abilities with a fun and interactive virtual cooking session with our professional chef! During lockdown we have had to temporarily close our kitchens, however you can now cook in the comfort of your own home. 

9 Virtual  Team Building Activities For Remote Teams

9.Happy Hour – Virtual Corporate Cocktail Masterclass

Celebrate with your colleagues with our fantastic cocktail party. This classy corporate cocktail masterclass would be brilliant for the team on a Friday afternoon after a hard week at work. Our virtual cocktail making classes are perfect for getting everyone together virtually with our fantastic mixologist on hand to help teams create the tastiest cocktails in town! The mixologist will run through everything you need to know to shake up amazing cocktails at home.

9 Virtual  Team Building Activities For Remote Teams

Do not miss out on these amazing virtual events. There are plenty to choose from and all appeal to the masses. Contact us today and book your virtual event.