With so many of us working from home and so many of us living in a constant state of stress due to Covid-19. The sheer amount of changes that have taken place have influenced us. People will be worrying a lot more about loss of jobs, mental state of mind for them and their families health. Emotional pressure and economic pressure are on the rise. You might be wondering, how do I keep myself motivated? As a leader how do I keep my team motivated?

Here at Team Tactics building relationships and keeping teams motivated is important to us so here are our top five ways to keep your team motivated remotely.

5 Ways To Keep Your Team Motivated Remotely

Set Clear Goals

Having clear goals and setting targets will help inspire your team. If your employees know what they are working towards it will keep them motivated. Sharing your vision and setting the team the ultimate business goals will motivate them to work together and achieve the best results they can. Teams are motivated when they know what they are doing and by having clear set goals will do exactly that, setting clear goals and measurable goals that are in line with the vision of the business allows you and the team to track your success. If you set these goals you will see motivation go up as the team will feel valued and it will cultivate productivity.

Set S-M-A-R-T goals and if you going to track their progress then we advise to do the three following things. Organise and reassess your goals frequently, create action plans with milestones and finally track your time so you know that your daily efforts are focused.

Give Positive Feedback And Reward Your Staff

Positive praise is a very powerful tool and it can sometimes be overlooked. In these times of hard ship this form of motivation will inspire your team members and very importantly will make them feel valued. Rewarding your team will help them see their progress they have made as individuals and towards the company. When your employees have achieved results or put in extra effort then show your team you are thankful, appreciate them and make sure to be specific in your praise, let them know exactly what they have done right. You need to explain in detail what they have done right not just a “well done”, tell them what they have done so well in.
If you praise and reward your team it will motivate them and will help them to succeed in future work. It also keeps the team motivated and is also a chance to bond over how, hardworking and great they have been.

5 Ways To Keep Your Team Motivated Remotely
Be A Supportive Leader

Being a supportive leader and providing supportive leadership to your team is a key factor to your employees feeling motivated. Trust and being sympathetic will go a long way, good leaders act as role models and role models are respected. Employees will work hard and be consistent as good role models influence how employees see themselves. By doing this you will create work conditions where increased productivity takes place and staff are motivated.

A Positive Environment is important

No one wants to work for a Negative Nancy! Putting employees down and shouting at them for mistakes will not get the company or the employees anywhere. We spend most of our waking hours at the office, or in today’s current circumstances working from home. Saying that our working environment should be a place that empowers, encourages, and makes employees feel at ease. This will help them to be productive and motivated in their working hours. Happy employees mean happy customers by creating a happy and productive work environment will encourage your employees to feel comfortable sharing information and knowledge. Most importantly employees should not fear making a mistake they should be able to admit to a mistake without feeling humiliation. People do not want to work for you or work hard for you if you do not make them feel valued and safe.

Encourage Teamwork

Companies who actively encourage their teams to work together and cohesively are successful. Take Google and Amazon for example they are known to bring their teams closer together and encourage their staff to work together. During these hard times remind your team how important teamwork is. It will boost moral and make the team more productive. It will stop members feeling isolated and will make them feel more engaged with each other and their tasks. You can do this by holding team building activities and allowing your team to get to know one another. At the moment this is a lot harder as you have to do it virtually but team building games are amazing for this. We advise regular meetings at least once and week where the team all get together even if it is only for 15 min on a Monday morning.

Keep Team Members in the Loop

If you keep your team members in the loop with consistent contact and transparency you will keep your team engaged and motivated. Be sure to let them know as much information as you can so they continue to feel valued and an essential part of the team. Different forms of communication can be done via Teams, Zoom, Email, Video Call etc. You always need a way to contact your team together and as individuals. In these hard times there is no such thing as overcommunicating, you want to be there for your team.


Camaras On  

When you have a team meeting always be sure to use a platform that allows you to all video call. Make sure everyone has their camara turned on. It makes a huge difference when everyone can see each other and its much better then looking at a black screen.


Get the Balance Right

Communication is key and it is important to keep in contact but make sure you are not micromanaging. Everyone is a lot more stressed then usual and having a boss breathing down your neck is not going to be constructive. Make sure to give your employees the encouragement and motivation they need in order to do their jobs but remember to have a little extra patience.


Show Your Space

It is always fun to encourage team members to show off their remote set up. Seeing as we have all being working from home for six months now and are potentially working from home for another six months it would be good to encourage creativity and get their workspace set up. Each week a team member could take turns in showing off their space.


Plan Social – Virtual Activities

It is a great idea to start regular social meetings. Whether it is a weekly virtual happy hour or a team building activity. Your team members / employees will be far more likely to be motivated and engaged if they feel as if  they still have a sense of community with their co-workers and friends. 

5 Ways To Keep Your Team Motivated Remotely

Here at Team Tactics it is our primary goal to bring teams together and motivate teams to do better and work together. Get in Contact today and we can discuss with you how we can help. Equally head over to our Virtual Team Building page and see our events that bring your team together. Especially in these hard teams your team will need it now more than ever.