With only 6 of us allowed to meet up at the moment, Christmas 2020 is looking bleak. Luckily for you we have several Christmas virtual events that you can play with your team from your very own safety of your home. We have put together our top ten tips to having a fun and successful Christmas party virtually. This year has been a crazy one and each day we have to make it the best we possibly can. Here are our Ten Top Tips.

Top Ten Tips For A Fun And Successful Christmas Virtual Event

One – Pick a great virtual game to play. We have nine to choose from and we have special Christmas editions of all of our most popular events. A lot of time, thought, and love has gone into the development of our virtual events and we promise you will have a blast. Not only are they fun but you will re connect with your team. What more could you want, laughter and the chance to be competitive?  

Two – Make sure you are using a software that allows you to use / play virtual games. Zoom is a personal favourite of ours as it has fun all the features that add that extra fun element to your virtual game including breakout rooms.

Three – Timing is everything, make sure to block out enough time out and a good amount of time where everyone is definitely free. They say the more the merrier and it is true. It is always good to have everyone in the team present for this so everyone feels involved and efforts have been made for time to be set aside.  

Four – There is no reason why you cannot make sure that food and drink is provided for your staff. This is no difference to a live event except they will be at home. Everyone could have a budget where they are asked to go get some snacks for themselves or a hamper could be sent. It does not have to be big or expensive, just remember you are saving money on a venue so why not use this additional budget to treat your team to some yummy food?

Five – Family is important! Your employees virtual experience will be made easier if their family and children are involved, or at least have the option to. It is hard working from home and looking after children at the same time. Christmas time is especially difficult as the kids will be away from school. Let them join in with the festive fun. The kids could even dress up for the event!

Top Ten Tips For A Fun And Successful Christmas Virtual Event

Six – We highly recommend encouraging people to dress up, nothing crazy, well unless they wanted to of course. They could wear their favourite Christmas jumper or the sparkly dress / suit they have tucked away. Just because it is a virtual event there is no reason why the team could not get dressed up. Perhaps there could be a theme for your virtual event. We love seeing crazy Christmas props from antlers to wacky Christmas hats.

Seven – Plenty of Christmas songs! Yes, they are over played but they sure do get everyone in the mood for Christmas, there is nothing quite like being uplifted with “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” as the whole team comes together for a fun singalong.  

Eight – Plenty of photos so the memories last forever! Make sure you take some screenshots or record the virtual event so that everyone can use these after the event. You can look forward to putting them around the office for your teams return.  

Nine– Make sure you all have plenty of breaks. Make sure the game is no longer then an hour. We have found over the last six months of doing virtual events people begin to lose concentration after an hour. If your virtual party is longer then an hour just makes sure there are plenty of breaks! Breaks go a long way.  

Ten – Have fun a let yourself go, its been a tough year lets end it on a high!

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Top Ten Tips For A Fun And Successful Christmas Virtual Event