Top 6 Virtual Office Events For Halloween

Halloween is going to be celebrated very differently this year! Halloween usually provides an excuse to enjoy some time with colleagues out of the office. This year you can do this virtually via a Halloween virtual office event. Why not bring your remote teams together for a fun hour of frightening antics from their very own homes? We have adapted our popular virtual events for remote teams and added a scary twist to them all so you can all get stuck into the Halloween spirit! Why not dust off your Halloween outfits and dress head to two in your spookiest outfits? The best dressed could win themselves extra points!

1. Seal The Limb (Seal The Deal)

Duration: 1 Hour 

Team Size: Up to 22 people

Hold a box and don’t get a fright with what is inside. Is your team ready to take on the challenge? Will you lose a limb? We have adapted our Seal The Deal and turned it into a spooky version of itself. Guests will be presented with 22 boxes, but how much will you take home? Find out today and play our Seal The Limb. Teams will join us for a scary and interactive team challenge based on the popular TV show Deal or No Deal with plenty of spooky surprises along the way! A Halloween from home has never been so fun!  

2. Haunted House Hunt (Who’s Got It Scavenger House Hunt)

Duration: 1 Hour 

Team Size: Up to 500 people

You will be in for a fright with our new Haunted House Hunt. Halloween virtual team building game Haunted House Hunt? takes teams on a terrifying adventure from your very own home. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible throughout a number of different scary energisers. It is then up to your team to find the spooky mystery items! However it is harder than you think, we will not be telling you what items to get, but we will be giving you a riddle to solve as a team.

3. Who Scares Wins (Who Dares Wins)

Duration: 1 Hour 

Team Size: Up to 500 people

Fright Night is here! Are your team ready to take on the scary challenge together? There will be four freakishly scary zones including the Zombie Zone. Will you make it out alive, you decide? We have also combined our most popular virtual energisers and turned them into a spooky session within this game to keep everyone engaged and scared throughout!

4. The Deadly Den (Dragon’s Apprentice)

Duration: 1 Hour 

Team Size: Up to 100 people

Are you brave enough to enter the den and face the deadly dragons? Take on a spooky scary twist in are Deadly Den. Can you come up with a creative but scary idea? Teams will have to come up with their very own object and sell it to the groups. All teams will have 20 mins to practise their presentations and all teams will be judges.

5. Spooky Cocktails (Virtual Cocktail Making)

Duration: 1 Hour 

Team Size: Up to 500 people

 A cocktail with a flair! Get the team together to make some terrifying cocktails. You will definitely need a drink after our Halloween events so join us with your colleagues for a fantastic corporate cocktail party. In our fun and informative cocktail-making class, participants will learn how to create three sumptuous cocktails, guided by one of our expert and affable cocktail tutors.  

spooky cocktails halloween virtual office party

6. Battered In The Kitchen (Virtual Cooking Masterclass)

Duration: 2 Hours  

Team Size: Up to 500 people

Battered in the Kitchen is a great game to bring everyone together on a haunted evening. Create something spooky and tasty for Halloween. With the team you will create the perfect scary treat to eat. Will it be a trick or a treat? You decide!

battered in the kitchen halloween virtual office event

If you like the idea of scaring your colleagues a little this Halloween season why not organise your very own Halloween virtual event for your remote teams? Get in touch to add a little scare to your October virtual team event!  


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