We have all been working from home since March and for some the prospect of going back anytime soon looks very slim. Your team may be divided, half of them might be enjoying it and getting on with it while others feel glum, they miss their colleagues, they miss being with people. You need to consider that some of your team could go a whole day without talking to someone.  Besides your weekly virtual meeting what else are you doing to help keep the ‘team spirit up’?

There are many things you can be doing as a leader to help motivate your team in these difficult times. We have found that more and more people feel like their work is nonstop, while working from home has its positives it does mean a lot of people are working 8 – 11 hour days without a break. So, with the extra hours and people feeling de motivated now would be the best time to invest a little into the team. We have many virtual team building activities to choose from.

Why Your Team Needs A Virtual Event


A team is like a family. If you cheat or lie to the members of the family, you are bound to get into trouble. Good leadership is the key to motivation, humans need to feel involved and appreciated. The more motivated your employees are the more empowered the team, allowing your team an hour to take part in a virtual game will not only make them feel rewarded but the games can also be high energy and competitive. A virtual team event will get your teams feeling energised and will get them working together as a team.


Reduce Loneliness

It can be a long day for those who live on their own and for those who’s families are off out to school or work.  With the familiar sounds and smells of the office no longer, you as a leader will have to help combat loneliness within the team. There are many ways to help with loneliness such as checking in with your team members (Not always work related). You could schedule in a coffee chat, have a rotation where colleagues call each other or why not arrange a virtual teambuilding activity? It goes without saying that our virtual games will bring the team together and will make them feel like we are there in their homes.

Why Your Team Needs A Virtual Event

 Validating Your Team

It is so important that all team members are heard and time is taken out for them together and as individuals.  Make sure that when meetings are taking place digitally that everyone is heard. The end goal of all of this should be a team that comes out on the other side as strong, if not stronger, than how they entered. When you validate your team you will find that they are a happier and healthier team.


It has been a hard year for a lot of us and this year is almost over! Treat your staff, help them get through this just as they are helping you through this. Check out our virtual teambuilding activities we have plenty to pick from and we have our amazingly fun Christmas games. Make it the perfect end to this year for your team.  

Why Your Team Needs A Virtual Event