our events industry journey so far 2

Pre Covid

At the stroke of midnight on the 31st December 2019, it was time to celebrate at Team Tactics. We were entering our 25th year so let’s let the celebrations begin! However what happened next rocked the events industry to an almost irreparable state.

January began well for us as a face-to-face team building company with 25 year’s experience behind us. We had the usual high demand for indoor team building events (who wants to do a treasure hunt in the rain?). Companies needed to boost morale after an indulgent Christmas break and we had lots of clients running their kick off meetings and were in need of a fun team building activity to run alongside these. After a solid start in January things started to change. The team in the office were listening to hourly updates about how an extremely contagious virus had now entered Europe. As the stats began to rise, we started to slowly understand the impact this could have on our beloved industry. We had a few clients cancel bookings as they were concerned for their teams safety but what followed was disastrous.

On Monday 16th March Matt Hancock told the House of Commons that all unnecessary social contact should cease. As a team building company, our main aim is to bring people together, to inspire and to motivate. This became impossible overnight as the UK entered into a full lockdown the following week.


Our initial thoughts were that we will hold tight and ride the wave until this is all over. It soon became apparent that this was going to be a bigger/longer term issue than we first thought. After hours and hours of head scratching, a previous client got in touch with an idea. Why don’t you run your own virtual events using a platform such as zoom? It was at this point we decided to overhaul everything we had worked towards for 25 years. We began the development of our first virtual team building event!

our events industry journey so far
How Can We Adapt?

We knew we had to act quickly due to the highly competitive nature of the industry. Within weeks we had brainstormed, developed, trialled and improved our first event concept ready for our first official event on the 7th April. The feedback was incredible, it was clear that companies needed something to glue them together during this unprecedented time. Teams had to come to terms with the fact that they could be working from home for a long time. Isolation and loneliness was increasing and it was a particularly scary time for those that are more vulnerable.

The demand for virtual events increased month on month as it was seen as imperative to improve morale and productivity. In May we decided to launch our second virtual event of the portfolio after hours and hours of hard work. Our virtual scavenger hunt was extremely popular event which was competitive but also collaborative as we bring teams together for some fun energisers.

our events industry so far

In June we launched yet another event which has since become our most popular event. Who Dares Wins takes teams on a journey through four zones, Medieval, Futuristic, Ocean & Jungle. During each zone they must complete a number of different challenges before the all important team photo opportunity. Teams need to play to their strengths with the aim of scoring more points than their fellow colleagues.

“Courtney was great at keeping us all engaged, no one was really looking forward to having a virtual summer party this year and they all loved it. I have had such great feedback. Thank you and we look forward to working with you in the future 🙂” – Cardlytics

By July we had launched a number of different virtual events, from virtual haka, virtual cooking classes and virtual cocktail masterclasses to fun hour of power exercise classes. In August we continued to create more events including The Dragon’s Apprentice event, where teams must come up with a unique use for a household item and pitch this to the rest of the group. By August we usually begin the manic rush to get everything ready for the festive period. We knew however this year would be very different.

“I think as Europe comes back to the office and moves about more freely, people are still working from home and want to get out and do something that’s fun and social. This certainly fulfills that desire we all have. I’m not sure what you all did before covid, but you’ve pivoted wonderfully! Thank you!” – Yext


The Office Christmas Party Is NOT Cancelled

As the national eat out to help out brought some kind of normality to the nation, was there a small chance we could celebrate the office Christmas party in person? As the weeks developed and again the number of infections and deaths started to rise is was clear the office Christmas party would not be the same this year. And so we began to develop a whole range of virtual office Christmas parties!

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Our range of virtual Christmas events are designed to bring teams together but also to encourage people to relax, let go and enjoy a fun activity at the end of a crazy year. By October we had a staggering 151% increase in enquiries from September to October with 95% of these being Christmas enquiries.


Here we are today as we enter into our second lockdown of 2020. Is there light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel? Our prediction is that face to face events will not return to pre COVID-19 levels until Summer 2021. So for now we are looking after our lovely clients with our selection of unique and energising virtual events! We are very thankful that we were able to adapt our products to cater for the modern 2020 events needs, however we are sending our best wishes to the rest of the events and hospitality industry as we go through the toughest time in history.

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We all stand together and hope the industry will come out of the other side of this disaster and thrive in 2021.


Last Updated: 05/11/2020