Let’s face it, bringing the team back together in January after a festive break is always tough. However, combine this with a global pandemic and the prospect of working from home for many more months, the team will feel extremely disconnected and demotivated. With the announcement of yet another lockdown we need to stick together to build a strong team virtually.

top virtual team building games

Many of us have had to face a long stint of working from home away from our teammates. The hope of a better 2021 is in doubt so it is now more important than ever to bring remote teams together to support and motivate eachother. With the current limitations and restrictions for groups to meet, we have combined our favourite remote virtual team building activities below which are perfect to give your remote team that much needed boost!

Our Favourite Virtual Team Building Games To Kickstart 2021

1.Who’s Got It?

Teams take on an exciting adventure through their own house, the aim of the game is to score as many points as possible throughout several different fun energisers. We will ask each team to find certain items from around their house, but we won’t just give the answers to them, oh no, in order to find their item they will have to work out the answer to a mystery riddle within a certain time. It is then a race against time! Teams will also take part in 5 thrilling rounds of games including ‘Hum that tune’ to ‘observe that ad’. Who’s Got It is one not to be missed!

Lively and entertaining host. Different types of quiz rounds. Finding the item from the riddle made you move out of your seat and get some exercise running up and down stairs!

virtual team building scavenger house hunt

2.Who Dares Wins

Who dares wins is a game sure to challenge everyone. This game will test different parts of the brain and teams will play to their different strengths. The aim of the game is to win as many points as possible for your team and team work together to work their way through the different zones. We have the Ocean zone, Medieval, Futuristic and Jungle Zone.  Each team will travel through time gaining points and taking on challenges.

who dares wins virtual team building

3.Seal The Deal

This highly interactive game is sure to bring the team together and get them motivated while working from home. The game is based on the TV show Deal or No Deal but with a twist and of course all played virtually. The game will follow a similar format to the nostalgic game but with added energisers to keep the whole group engaged. These include hilarious party games such as Pictionary using the virtual zoom whiteboard, 5 second rule games and Dash & Grab rounds.

Loads of interaction, people were constantly challenged and talking, lots of engagement from Courtney.

Back To The Office! How To Reintroduce The Team?

4.The Dragon’s Apprentice

Based on two of your favourite business reality programmes! The Dragon’s Apprentice is coming to a virtual boardroom near you (Your home office). Using zoom breakout rooms, small teams of 5 will be tasked with finding a household item from around their house.

However this challenge is a lot harder than it sounds, teams must come up with an alternative use for this object and create a pitch to sell the new invention to the rest of the group! We will also throw in a few fun mini games to ensure everyone is engaged throughout the event!

Thanks again to you all for today. It was a great exercise that brought us back into some team building work in an innovative but fun way. As ever you were fantastic hosts and thank you again.

the dragons apprentice virtual team building

5.Ready, Steady, Virtual Cooking


Family Pizza Night

Enjoyed by all of the family, pizzas are also extremely enjoyable and satisfying to make. In this family edition of our corporate cooking class our professional chef will guide you through the whole pizza making process from producing the dough to preparing the array of delicious toppings. We love to get the whole family involves so why not involve the little ones or your housemates? We can provide a complete pizza making kit which can be delivered to you prior to the event or we can send you a specially selected shopping list to get your own ingredients.

Healthy Lockdown Lunches

We are here to help prove that that delicious, nutritious, and easy-to-make lunches are possible. Getting bored of the same lunches every day? Missing the fast food options you used to grab when in the office? Now is your chance to produce tasty but healthy lunches that are easier than you think!

Virtual Veganuary

Join the new years revolution! We are here to assist you with your new year goals with a delicious fully vegan cookery class. Our professional chef has developed a fully vegan menu with plenty of tasty treats to satisfy your 2021 taste buds. Impress your family or loved ones with your new found love for everything vegan.

virtual cooking classes 2


6.Fantastic Families


We understand how difficult it can be for hardworking families who are juggling their job with a mixture of home schooling or general childcare. We are delighted to announce that we are now taking family interaction to the next level with our brand new family fortunes inspired event. (Don’t worry if you live alone, all of our team building games are equally as fun on your own and you will be working together in a ‘virtual’ team with your colleagues). This brand new game has been inspired by some of our most popular virtual games but with a unique new family approach.

fantastic families family virtual team building activity

7.Around The World in 60 Minutes

Who’d have thought it? In the age of modern travel we have reached 2021 and are unable to explore different countries! However we have a solution where you can travel to all four corners of the globe without a visa or negative covid test in sight. Join us on a ‘virtual’ journey around the world in 60 minutes! Welcome on board a virtual team building event like no other. Our well-travelled host will be transporting your team to different continents with the aim of the game to earn as many air miles as possible!

Teams will need to gather as many different types of currencies as possible to ensure they are ready for their trip and earn extra air miles! There will be plenty of surprises along the way with a number of team encounters in different countries. Think world traditions, international facts, hilarious team photos, face mash ups & mind boggling travel riddles.

around the world in 60 minutes virtual team building

8.Virtual Bake Off

Build A Showstopper – Think Outside The Biscuit Box!

It is time to design, bake and construct a sweet showstopper of your choice! From famous landmarks to your family home we do not mind what you base your design on as long as you produce a bake that is unique to you. Don’t worry if you are not an experienced baker, this task is about getting creative, thinking outside the biscuit box and producing a marvellous masterpiece made out of biscuits and other sweet treats!

Cake Wars

Ever wondered how perfectly decorated cakes can be made? Gain a number of cake decorating skills in this informative and engaging baking class. Impress your loved ones for their next Birthday with some of your new found decorating skills!

Healthy Baking

Banana bread baking took lockdown one by storm! Now it is time to learn how to create a selection of different healthy bakes. However healthy bakes do not need to be bland or boring in flavour. Our professional chef will be on hand to guide you through naturally sweet and delicious ingredients which are also full of nutrients.

virtual baking class

9.Dry January Mocktail Masterclass


If you are joining the nation on a quest to give up alcohol this January we have got your back! Join our mixologist as they guide you through the creation of your very own delicious homemade mocktails! A cocktail master class without a hangover, what’s more to love?

However, if your January is looking more like gin January rather than dry January we are still offering our popular cocktail masterclasses complete with several alcoholic creations. The mixologist will run through everything you need to know in order to shake up amazing cocktails at home.

The host was great, really fun and engaging and had lots of interesting facts to share.

mocktail and cocktail classes

10.The Breakout – Virtual Escape Rooms

Enter the room at your peril! Once the door is closed, it’s up to you escape!

Participants have just one hour to complete an exciting mixture of team riddles and clues that are designed to test your ability to remain calm under pressure as your times soon runs out! Teams can choose between four different themed rooms: The CIA Taskforce, Timeline, Framed and our brand new Journey Into Illusion themes. All of our escape rooms use real life footage from actual escape rooms which means participants experience the closest thing to the real thing!

Journey Into Illusion

Only the most elite are allowed into the order of illusionists. This is your chance to access the exclusive society. Before you are accepted you must carry out a number of intriguing tasks in Houdini’s museum. Can you see beyond the illusions? The time has come to prove yourself worthy!

Timeline – Back To The Future

It’s the not-too-distant future and the world is in chaos. But stay positive dudes, you can fix all this with some Weird Science. Apparently, your father has developed a way to go back in time and fix what once went wrong but he has gone missing. It’s now up to you and your friends to activate the time machine and go back to the 80’s to finish what your father started. Are you ready for a totally excellent adventure?


11.Hour of Power


Fitness in groups is always fun and very motivating. Whether you have just started out on your fitness journey or you just want to get the team up and moving then this virtual class is the one for you. You and your team will be put through a series of exercises and circuits to help get you up and pumped. Come together, keep fit and be happy. 

We also have 19 different classes on offer ranging from HITT the Barre to Cardio Combat & Fitness Pilates. Why not inspire your team with a bespoke training programme? Train, Think and Eat is a resistance based training programme with mindset, nutrition and goal setting to get you on your way to feeling awesome inside and out. Whether you choose to do a 7 day plan or a 28 day plan your mindset, how you see yourself, feel about yourself and talk to yourself will IMPROVE.

hour of power virtual exercise class for remote teams

12.Silver Necklace Workshop

Create your own sterling silver necklace, totally bespoke and personal to you. During this two hour workshop you will have the opportunity to get creative and practice the method of wax carving before imprinting your chosen designs and wording into the pendant. Following the workshop your wax carved necklace will be converted into silver and will be posted back to you usually within two weeks.

If you are not a necklace wearer, the pieces are also perfect as gift!


This amazing event is the perfect event to really bring the team together. Not only will you learn about the traditional ancient Maori Tribes, but you will also participate in and learn the Haka together. Our authentic Maori tribesmen are one of only two groups in the UK that have permission from their Tribal Elders in New Zealand to use the Haka for team building corporate purposes. In fact, our lead instructor is from the actual tribe that wrote the famous Ka Mate Haka that the All Blacks use! 

Bruce the presenter was high energy and clearly passionate – was hard not to get swept up in the excitement and join in!

virtual haka workshop

14.The Greatest Virtual Show

Who would like to learn a new skill? This virtual circus skills workshop is an enjoyable experience which places challenge and problem solving at the core of the team. This high energy and very interactive workshop can revitalize teams as teams learn the difficult skill of juggling! This workshop is perfect for groups of 10 and more.

virtual circus skills virtual team building

15.Virtual Doughnut Decorating 

Yummy Yummy doughnuts! All our doughnuts are freshly baked and sent straight to you along with a doughnut DIY kit. They are seriously yummy and look amazing once you have got creative and designed your very own.

virtual doughnut making virtual team building activity

16.Wingo Bingo! 

How good are you at problem solving? If you love to solve a problem and challenge your brain, then this game is for you. A mix between bingo and slot machines this game will have you all on the edge of your seat. 


Why Choose Team Tactics?

top virtual team building games

For over 25 years the team at Team Tactics have been bringing teams together throughout a selection of award winning team games. We now have a selection of fun and engaging virtual team building games specifically designed for remote teams so you can feel closer together ‘virtually’. Our exciting virtual team building games for remote teams are packed full with interactive virtual team energisers in order to keep the whole group engaged throughout. Our varied selection of virtual events also offer guests with the opportunity to learn a new skill such as cooking or baking along with some less interactive games to ensure more empathy is shown towards participants with less pressure to interact. Virtual team games are a highly cost effective way to draw your team together to improve morale and combat loneliness.

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