Every month we are going to bring you our favourite virtual team building activity. Not only is it our favourite virtual team building game, but it is also popular with our clients. There are many positives to participating in virtual team building activities and one of those is it brings your team together. During COVID-19 and lockdown employers have found it hard to keep themselves and their teams motivated, and we have found that a virtual team building game motivates and engages your team.

Here at Team Tactics, we have been working hard to bring you the best virtual team building activities and this month we have got the votes in for our client’s favourite team building game. We can confirm that January’s winner is Around the World In 60 Minutes.

around the world in 60 minutes virtual team building activity

Brand new for 2021, this exciting game is perfect if you are longing for a holiday, you and your team can travel the world from your own home.  We know it is not the same, but this highly interactive and engaging game will definitely get the team feeling motivated. Together you will travel through 4 continents with 1 objective, earn as many air miles as possible. The 4 continents you will explore your way through are Europe, Asia, Australasia, and North & South America. There are opportunities for teams to work together and work out the challenges, we have physical challenges and mental challenges.

This game is very exciting and is the perfect team building activity for your remote team this month. If you did not fancy playing this one, we do have over 12 to pick from. Head over to our Virtual Team Building Activities page to see more. Watch this space as we currently have two new virtual team building games in development. They are all highly motivating and very engaging and will leave all the team feeling buzzed and ready to work, team building activities leave teams feeling proactive.

If you would like more information, please contact us today. Our team of experts are on hand to help bring you and your team the best virtual team building activities there are. We work really hard to ensure that all our games are super fun, interactive and motivating. A virtual team building activity is exactly what you are looking for in these times of uncertainty and sadness. Help keep your teams happy and uplift them with one of our Virtual team building activities, we are only a phone call away.

around the world in 60 minutes virtual team building