Working from home has been a big change for us all and has been made even bigger with working from home with children. We understand that children have been off school for what feels like a very long time. Juggling work, children, and home schooling all at the same time can be tough. Just remember you are doing an amazing job. We have many virtual team building games, but this month’s favourite is Fantastic Families.   

We wanted to create a game where children and adults could both play and enjoy an hour of fun, an hour to forget about the world. In previous team building activities we have found that children will try and join in the games. This remote team building game allows for that as it involves the whole household. Do not worry if you do not have a child as it still works for single households or households that have just adults in, get your housemates involved!   

This high energy team building game for remote teams is the ultimate family team building activity it will get people off their seats with plenty of laughter along the way. This family fortune inspired event takes family interaction to the next level. Remember you do have to have children to play this game, it can be anyone in your household or support bubble. If you live alone, you will not be doing this on your own as each household joins up with others to create one big team.   

Families will be matched with others randomly or you can pick the teams / households. Once all teams have been made, they then go head-to-head in four different rounds. Teams must work with each other in the breakout rooms to complete and come up with their final answers. There are also physical challenges so be prepared to get up and dress up.  Teams must score as many points as possible to win. The team with the most points wins!  

What Games Do We Play?  

House Wars  

Households will battle it out and the first back with all the items we have asked for will win bonus points. Each item must represent one out of the five human senses.  

Where Are We  

You guess it, you need to guess where you are from an interactive map, we show you. Time for flag matching, teams must get the flags back to their rightful homeland to win important points.  

Movie Marathon  

Watch trailers back-to-back and tells us the films the clips are from. In this round you will also have to tell us where a selection of iconic film songs are from.   

Family Portrait with A Twist  

You must dress up through the different periods of time. Each team must pick a period of time and dress to impress.   

Fantastic Families virtual team building new


The team building activity allows for every individual to take part it is highly interactive, motivating and is a great team building activity if you are looking for an hour of organised hectic fun. Contact us today if you would like to discuss more or head over to our Virtual team building activity page to see more of our amazingly fun team building games.