We understand that not every business can use an external events company to run events due to budget constraints. If you have been put in charge of organizing your next virtual team event, do not worry we are here to help. Today we have put together a check list that will help you create an interactive virtual team building game to bring your remote teams together during these difficult times.

How To Run An Interactive Virtual Team Building Event

Choose The Right Activity

Dynamics of a group is very important. You have to think about everyone and what they would all enjoy doing together. You want to be able to push people outside of their comfort zone but not too much. You don’t want to scare people or put them off before they have even tried it. Make sure to get the right balance so there is something for everyone. It is important to understand that you can’t please everyone but you want a good mix of tasks, for example maths challenges, physical challenges and lateral thinking challenges.

Pre-Event Excitement

Just like any big event you will need to generate excitement via your internal system. Make sure to send out advertisements before the team event such as a little teaser to give them a hint about the activity. You could even share a video that will help generate excitement amongst the team. Don’t be shy and spread the word.

Dates & Times

It is very, very important to make sure everyone can attend or the majority of the team can make it. So it is important to pick the correct date and time. You don’t want to pick a date where no one can attend. Working from home causes lots of stresses including childcare, if your team includes a lot of parents ensure you have factored in timings that would suit the majority of the group. If you are unsure as to when is best why not do a team vote?  

How To Run An Interactive Virtual Team Building Event

Invite Attendees

This is a must! You don’t want to go through the effort of putting on an amazing event for no one to turn up. It sounds like a simple step that one would not forget but you will be surprised. Be sure to invite them and don’t leave it too late.  

Choose Your Software Wisely

Not everyone is tech savvy, make sure everyone is comfortable or you have shown them how to use the system prior to the event so that everyone completely understands. This is likely to increase attendance too as you are taking away one of the stresses for less tech savvy people. You could always send out a tutorial video beforehand if needed.

Hype Your Employees up

It will be a boring event if you don’t hype your employees up! It is always great to start with a fun team virtual ice breaker. If you were to show the team that you are not always so serious it will help break down the boundaries and everyone will have a more relaxed and enjoyable time away from the typical corporate environment.

How To Run An Interactive Virtual Team Building Event


Never forget to smile! Smile and laughter goes a long way. Smiling not only offers a mood boost but helps our bodies release cortisol and endorphins. We love encouraging people to turn on their cameras during events, it is surprising how much more engaged everyone becomes when they can see eachother smiling!  

Have Fun

It goes without saying but enjoy yourself! You will feel stressed organizing the event but rest assured whatever you have or had planned will be amazing, so please do not forget to enjoy yourself. This is your time to spend some quality time with your team most of which you may not have seen for over a year!

Post Event – Feedback

Feedback is highly important as you need to know what you can improve on for your next office virtual event. Send out a follow up email soon after the event so that is fresh in their minds, ask the participants what they enjoyed the most or if there was anything they didn’t enjoy. The most important thing is to listen to this feedback and act on it to ensure the next event is an even bigger success!

We Can Help!

Here at Team Tactics, we have over 26 years of experience in the corporate team building events industry. We have been delivering award winning events to teams across the UK and the world with a huge selection of activities for different group types. In March 2020 we began to adapt and are now one of the leading providers of virtual team building activities, perfectly designed to bring remote teams together in a relaxed but engaging way.

It is our job to take the pressure off you so not only can you enjoy yourself, but you can be filled with confidence that the event will be a success and meet your aims.


How To Run An Interactive Virtual Team Building Event