What better way to start a Monday morning than to turn the tv on and see our very own Sales & Operations Director? Featured live on BBC’s World Business Report, Charles explained to viewers just how much the pandemic has hit the corporate events industry. From March 2020 to present the events and hospitality industry has gone through the toughest time in history. Watch him for yourself: World Business Report: 28/06/2021 (Skip to 20:53).

team tactics live on bbc

In January 2020 the team here at Team Tactics were gearing up to celebrate our 25th anniversary as a team building and corporate hospitality company. However on Monday 16th March it was announced to the House of Commons that all unnecessary social contact should cease. As a team building company, our main aim is to bring people together, to inspire and to motivate. This became impossible overnight as the UK entered into a full lockdown the following week.

How Did We React?

As a small team building and corporate hospitality company we saw a mass drop in traffic to our website (over 50%) and enquiries had completely stopped. Our initial thoughts were that we will hold tight and ride the wave until this was all over. It soon became apparent that this was going to be a bigger/longer term issue than we first thought. After hours and hours of head scratching, we decided to overhaul everything we have done for the last 25 years and began to develop virtual events to be played on zoom.

How Did It Go?

The feedback was incredible, it was clear that companies needed something to glue them together during this unprecedented time. The demand for virtual events increased month on month as it was seen as imperative to improve morale and productivity.


The events industry is now hopeful for a bounce back in demand as restrictions begin to ease further. We are very thankful that we were able to adapt our products to cater for the modern 2020 events needs, however we are sending our best wishes to the rest of the events and hospitality industry as we continue to go through the toughest time in history.