We understand how hard it is to connect remote teams and boost morale in these difficult and unpredictable times. Many of us have now been working from home for over 16 months, this can take its toll on team communication and motivation. 

 But it’s not all doom and gloom here as we have some good news for you. We can now run socially distanced team building activities for your team! If your group do not feel comfortable meeting up just yet we also have an extensive range of virtual team building activities! We are delighted to add more events to our list of fun and engaging virtual events perfect to boost morale in remote teams. 

Our Top Social Distanced Events To Look Forward To 

At Team Tactics we have been continually adapting our events to ensure they follow the strict COVID guidelines. Even with the imminent relaxation of the restrictions we will continually put the safety of our participants at the forefront of our planning. We have adapted our team building events so that your team can look forward to face to face event with your team again!  

Your safety comes first and we will ensure that all measures are taken to make sure you are all safe. Who is ready for a 2021 summer party like no other because I know we are! Here is a list of all our social distancing  team building ideas that yourself and the team can enjoy. Perhaps you would like to organise a fun summer activity for the office reunion?  

10 top social distanced team building ideas

Outside London Game Of  Zones   

The ultimate London team adventure game and a game that can be done while social distancing. This is our most popular game; it combines high tech GPS technology with one of the most culturally rich cities a city filled with history. Each Team will be given the latest iPad mini and then will embark on an adventure round London, travelling through our different zones, using our interactive map. Teams will be challenged; they will interact and motivate each other. This is a great day out of the home office and best of all this can all be done safely. 

10 top social distanced team building ideas

Social Distanced Treasure Hunt  

Our treasure hunts can be bespoke and tailored. This highly participative and incredibly fun event is not one to be missed. We have various themed GPS treasure hunts to choose from and this highly interactive game can be played following safe guidelines. All played outside!  

10 top social distanced team building ideas  

Pub Pit Stop Challenge, London  

This is a very fun challenge and can be enjoyed by everyone. Enjoy a well-earned drink with your colleagues with a series of challenges and questions thrown at you. This fun game can be carried out outside and at a safe distance. Another one not to be missed.  


Summer BBQ At Gordon Ramsey The Narrow 

Why not have a Summer party / reunion with the team at the beautiful Gordon Ramsey restaurant The Narrow. There is a large outside space available so everyone can enjoy amazing food and drink at a safe distance. This is a perfect venue for a catch-up meeting with the team. Turn up in style on a private ride with a Thames Blast.  

10 top social distanced team building ideas

Circus Skills Outside

Why not try something completely new and exciting. Roll up and learn a new skill, surprise yourself with what you can achieve. This very enjoyable class will allow your team to improve on communication, stronger mutual support and respect for each other and improve confidence and self-esteem. 

10 top social distanced team building ideas

Around The World Outside  

This game really puts your teams through their paces as they must come together, help each other, problem solve and be creative. We have adapted this game so you and the team can safely play. This is a perfect event as a standalone team building event or as an add-on to a conference. Available in multiple locations, it is also perfect as a conference energiser.  

10 top social distanced team building ideas

Canal Clue Quest  

Embark on a journey with your teammates and play a highly interactive game using our high tech app. You will take a trip down the canal and find various famous landmarks; you will have your very own boat and one team member will be the captain. Food and drink are welcome on the boat. Voyagers will navigate themselves through magnificent scenery along the pre-selected route in their very own modern electric boat!   


10 top social distanced team building ideas

Outside Olympic Challenge   

This amazing fun event is perfect for those with a competitive strike. The Olympic Challenge will begin with a safety briefing before the terms set out and embark on a journey through the Olympic park. Each team will be issued with the latest iPad Mini to experience one of our most high-tech and interactive treasure hunts yet! 

This event is designed for team building and entertaining the players it will pull upon team’s specialist skills and knowledge to ensure everyone has an exceptional safe day in London. It is a great event to re-introduce the team.  

10 top social distanced team building ideas  

Outdoor Haka   

This event is perfect for the great outdoors and a great event you can keep your distance. Our authentic Maori tribesmen are one of only two groups in the UK that have permission from their Tribal Elders in New Zealand to use the Haka for team building.   

10 top social distanced team building ideas

Multi Activity Days In Oxford!   

This event is perfect if you are struggling to find an activity everyone will like. Multi activity days are perfect as it offers a selection of activities that is bound to suit everybody within the team.  Some of the activities are as followed, Motorised activities include 4 x 4 driving, quad bikes, pilots, hovercrafts, Argo cats and power turns along with other activities such as archery, clay pigeon shooting and challenging mental tasks. Have a morning of mixed activities with an afternoon of 4×4 driving including reverse steer blindfold driving or use the morning for a social distancing conference at one of our venues, we provide large outdoor spaces so there is plenty of room to make sure you are keeping your distance. 

10 top social distanced team building ideas  

Our Top Virtual Team Building Activities

We understand that during these difficult times not everyone will feel comfortable attending a large event. We also understand that connecting colleagues from different teams around the world can also be troublesome at the moment due to travel restrictions. Our selection of tried and tested popular virtual team building activities are the perfect solution. Motivate and inspire your team with a fun and engaging virtual activity without having to leave your very own home.  

1.Who’s Got It?

Teams take on an exciting scavenger hunt adventure through their own house, the aim of the game is to score as many points as possible throughout several different fun energisers. Who’s Got It is one not to be missed!

virtual team building scavenger house hunt

2.Who Dares Wins

Who dares wins is a game sure to challenge everyone. We have the Ocean zone, Medieval, Futuristic and Jungle Zone.  Each team will travel through time gaining points and taking on challenges.

who dares wins virtual team building

3.Seal The Deal

This highly interactive game is sure to bring the team together and get them motivated while working from home. The game is based on the TV show Deal or No Deal but with a twist and of course all played virtually. 

Back To The Office! How To Reintroduce The Team?

4.The Dragon’s Apprentice

Based on two of your favourite business reality programmes! The Dragon’s Apprentice is coming to a virtual boardroom near you (Your home office). Using zoom breakout rooms, small teams of 5 will be tasked with finding a household item from around their house to pitch as a new use!

the dragons apprentice virtual team building

5.Ready, Steady, Virtual Cooking

Family Pizza Night

In this family edition of our corporate cooking class our professional chef will guide you through the whole pizza making process from producing the dough to preparing the array of delicious toppings. 

Healthy Lockdown Lunches

We are here to help prove that that delicious, nutritious, and easy-to-make lunches are possible. Getting bored of the same lunches every day?

Virtual Veganuary

Join the new years revolution! We are here to assist you with your new year goals with a delicious fully vegan cookery class. 

virtual cooking classes 2

6.Fantastic Families

We understand how difficult it can be for hardworking families who are juggling their job with a mixture of home schooling or general childcare. We are delighted to announce that we are now taking family interaction to the next level with our brand new family fortunes inspired event.

fantastic families family virtual team building activity

7.Around The World in 60 Minutes

Who’d have thought it? In the age of modern travel we have reached 2021 and are unable to explore different countries! However we have a solution where you can travel to all four corners of the globe without a visa or negative covid test in sight. Join us on a ‘virtual’ journey around the world in 60 minutes! 

around the world in 60 minutes virtual team building

8.Virtual Bake Off

Build A Showstopper – Think Outside The Biscuit Box!

It is time to design, bake and construct a sweet showstopper of your choice! From famous landmarks to your family home we do not mind what you base your design on as long as you produce a bake that is unique to you. 

virtual baking class

9. Mocktail Masterclass

If you are joining the nation on a quest to give up alcohol this year we have got your back! Join our mixologist as they guide you through the creation of your very own delicious homemade mocktails! A cocktail master class without a hangover, what’s more to love?

mocktail and cocktail classes

10.The Breakout – Virtual Escape Rooms

Enter the room at your peril! Once the door is closed, it’s up to you escape!

Participants have just one hour to complete an exciting mixture of team riddles and clues that are designed to test your ability to remain calm under pressure as your times soon runs out! 

Journey Into Illusion

Only the most elite are allowed into the order of illusionists. This is your chance to access the exclusive society. Before you are accepted you must carry out a number of intriguing tasks in Houdini’s museum. Can you see beyond the illusions? The time has come to prove yourself worthy!

11.Hour of Power

Fitness in groups is always fun and very motivating. Whether you have just started out on your fitness journey or you just want to get the team up and moving then this virtual class is the one for you.

hour of power virtual exercise class for remote teams

12.Silver Necklace Workshop

Create your own sterling silver necklace, totally bespoke and personal to you. During this two hour workshop you will have the opportunity to get creative and practice the method of wax carving before imprinting your chosen designs and wording into the pendant.


This amazing event is the perfect event to really bring the team together. Not only will you learn about the traditional ancient Maori Tribes, but you will also participate in and learn the Haka together.

virtual haka workshop

14.The Greatest Virtual Show

Who would like to learn a new skill? This virtual circus skills workshop is an enjoyable experience which places challenge and problem solving at the core of the team.

virtual circus skills virtual team building 

Our Social Distance Summer Party Ideas