Many of us have spent a long time away from our teams and colleagues. During this time, we have had to adapt to working from home with many hurdles to overcome along the way. It has, at times been an enjoyable experience working from home however we also understand the pressures of balancing home life with work life including distractions such as home schooling. Some of you may have returned to the office part time with an element of hybrid working on offer. However some of you may have not returned yet. With pressure from your employer to return to the office, we discuss how to transition your team back into the office after such a long time away.

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After being away from your colleagues for as long as 19 months, the first couple of weeks may feel strange. Habits, routines and certain behaviours would naturally have changed over this length of time. It is normal to feel anxious about returning to the office with many of us facing social and mental pressures.

As a leader how do you transition your team back into the office effectively?

It is key to talk to your team and colleagues about how you feel about returning to the office. As a manager you should also be making the team aware of the changes that have been made to keep them safe and inform them of the new processes that have been put in place for example, covid testing. Managers should take this into account and perhaps offer a phased return to the office with those showing the most interest in returning to take priority with the return.

It is essential that you understand the troubles people have gone through since the pandemic began. Some may have lost loved ones during the pandemic, with funerals being impacted, it is important to listen to their wants and needs and do your best to accommodate these. Some may have struggled with mental health issues through what has been an extremely stressful time for all. Some may be anxious about leaving their home comforts to return to the office so its important to add in a few thoughtful touches to make them feel welcome when they do arrive back.

back to the office how to transition back to the office

Dress code is also something to consider. Many have been able to have a free reign over the course of the 19 months. We have all got used to a smart top half with comfy bottoms during the virtual meetings and most of us do not want this to change. The formal suited and booted dress code is soon becoming extinct with offices opting for more of a 21st century casual dress code with comfort at the forefront. If you can introduce this for your team it will motivate them by demonstrating that their welfare is important to them.      

Our Top Face to Face Team Building Activities

Once you and your colleagues are happy with the steps that have been put into place, we strongly advise a Team Building activity. A Team Building activity is a great way to get teams communicating with each other and it will also motivate them. Our selection of outdoor summer events have been extremely popular this summer, offering a safe escape from the office and the opportunity to work with your team in a relaxed and engaging atmosphere. At Team Tactics we have been offering popular virtual events since the start of the pandemic, but lets face it, it isn’t quite the same as that face to face contact you experience in a in-person team building activity.

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Our selection of fun and engaging team building activities are perfect for reintroducing the team together after a long stint apart. Even the most anxious have been enjoying an outdoor activity in a safe environment.

London Team Building Treasure Hunts (Outside Event)

BRAND NEW FOR 2021 – We have refreshed our London treasure hunts complete with brand new questions, challenges and riddles. This incredibly fun and highly participative event is perfect for a day out with the team. This hunt around London allows the team to take in the beautiful sites as well take the time to interact with one another, encourage creativity and help one another to work out the answers. Using the latest iPad (which will be sanitised after each use) each team will undertake one of the most high-tech and interactive treasure hunts yet! We have various themed GPS treasure hunts to choose from including our Apprentice Charity Treasure Hunt in partnership with Demelza Hospice Care for Children.

london game of zones team building activity

Canal Clue Quest (Outside Event)

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and hit the calm and relaxing canals of London. Canal Clue Quest voyagers will navigate themselves through magnificent scenery along the pre-selected route in their very own modern electric boat! You won’t just be cruising down the canal enjoying your drinks and food everyone in the boat will be taking part in iPad-based treasure hunt. You will be going head-to-head with the other teams who wins, you decide!

Back To The Office! How To Reintroduce The Team?

Thames Power Blast (Outside Event)

Nothing comes close to the excitement and immediacy of a RIB. Boats powered by 225HP engines at speeds of up to 50mph through central London is simply an utterly stunning ‘traffic stopping’ experience. RIB’s (Rigid Inflatable Boats) are a formidable sight through central London and guests can witness the famous sites from a completely different angle. These boats are designed to be used in extreme conditions and therefore are extremely robust, stable, and safe! A Thames Power Blast is an unforgettable ride you and the team will enjoy immensely.

Back To The Office! How To Reintroduce The Team?

Game Of Zones (Outside Event)

Transport your team through different periods of time with the Futuristic Zone, Ocean Zone, Medieval Zone and Industrial Zone. Using the latest iPad mini, teams must complete interactive and fun challenges for an unforgettable experience in London. London’s Game of Zones will put your team to the test with a mixture of Mystery, Mental, Skill and Physical challenges. Examples include: Ridiculous Riddles, Adventurous Anagrams, Cryptic Maths & Observation rounds. We have central London location to pick between: Westminster or Tower Bridge.

Haka (Outside OR Inside Event)

The Haka is a traditional, ancient Maori Tribal War dance that acts as a powerful conference energiser or team building activity. Our authentic Maori tribesmen are one of only two groups in the UK that have permission from their Tribal Elders in New Zealand to use the Haka for team building corporate purposes. In fact our lead instructor is from the actual tribe that wrote the famous Ka Mate Haka that the All Blacks use!

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Virtual Team Building

We understand it can take some time to re-introduce the team back into office using a phased approach. This is why we will still offering our virtual team building activities for the foreseeable future. Below are some of our most popular events which can be run in a fully remote way.

Who’s Got It

Ideal for larger groups from 10 to 400, Who’s Got It? takes teams on an exciting adventure from your very own home. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible throughout several different fun energisers. It is then up to your team to find the mystery items! However it is harder than you think, we will not be telling you what items to get, but we will be giving you a riddle to solve as a team. The answer to this riddle will reveal a random object. Its now a race against time to return to the screen with your items in the designated time allocated!

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Who Dares Wins

This game is an exciting game that will allow teams to work in small groups. Join us on Zoom and Transport your team through different periods of time with the Futuristic and Medieval Zones and explore your way through our different habitat zones Jungle and Ocean. Teams must complete interactive and fun challenges along with exciting missions and come against several surprises along the way. We have also combined our most popular virtual energisers within Who Dares Wins to keep everyone engaged throughout!

who dares wins team building activities

Seal The Deal

22 Sealed Virtual Boxes, Only One Box Up For Grabs. Will your team top the inter-company Seal The Deal leader board? Teams will join us for a fun and interactive team challenge based on the popular TV show Deal or No Deal with plenty of surprises along the way! Working from home has never been so fun! The game will follow a similar format to the nostalgic game but with added energisers to keep the whole group engaged.

seal the deal virtual office christmas party

The Dragon’s Apprentice

Using zoom breakout rooms, small teams of 5 will be tasked with finding a household item from around their house. However this challenge is a lot harder than it sounds, teams must come up with an alternative use for this object and create a pitch to sell the new invention to the rest of the group! Which team has got what it takes to pitch a winning item in The Dragon’s Apprentice?

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Around The World

Join us on a ‘virtual’ journey around the world in 80 minutes without a Covid test in site! Welcome on board a virtual team building event like no other. Our well-travelled host will be transporting your team to different continents with the aim of the game to earn as many air miles as possible!

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Times have been hard, and your team have never needed morale more. Get in touch to find out more about how we can motivate your team with a team building activity.

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