2022 has come around quickly and let’s face it the last two years have been difficult, life changing and very unpredictable. There is however some light at the end of the tunnel with restrictions being lifted for the UK. This good news means that hopefully we are coming to the end of this pandemic, also known as the endemic. At Team Tactics we are so ready for it, so with that in mind here are the top 2022 team building activities you shouldn’t be missing out on. We have put a list below of our favourite team building activities including our most popular face to face events and our most popular virtual events!

Our Top Face To Face Team Building Activities

Bright Lights Of London Treasure Hunt

GPS treasure hunts corporate team building
This inclusive and very interactive GPS Treasure Hunt is perfect to bring the team together. You will be spilt up into teams and each team is issued with the latest iPad mini to experience our most high-tech treasure hunt you will ever play. It takes you around some of the most amazing sites of London town. It is a unique way to experience our nations great capital as you solve the clues and complete the exciting challenges. All footage and photos taken during the event are yours to keep. They are great to share around the office the next day.

Around The World In 80 Minutes

around the world outdoor team building box 2
How would you like to travel the world in one day and best of all with no jet lag? If that was a yes, then this event is for you. Around the world in 80 minutes will really put your team through their paces as they unite in their teams to problem solve, be creative and most importantly work as a team. This game is fun and interactive it will for sure provide memories and amazing photos to look back on. Each team is given an iPad and will embark on a journey around the world answering questions and solving physical tasks.

The Great Escape Diamond Heist

diamond heist team building activityDoes your team have what it takes to take on the strength and durability of a diamond? Does your team have what it takes to take on a heist? If the answer is yes, then roll up and come and play The Great Escape Diamond Heist. This game is designed to test your ability to remain calm under pressure. There are plenty of high energy tasks to take on and there is enough for the whole team. Get ready for more then 100 fun and interactive games. Can your team do it?

Canal Clue Quest

canal clue quest london team building
As summer is around the corner (it may not feel like it right now) the Canal Clue Quest is the perfect summer activity to get everyone in the mood. Not only is it set outside and on the beautiful canal of Paddington, the route will take you all the way up to Camden locks and back as you escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take part in GPS quest. Various challenges will be asked of you and each team will need to tackle them together. We also have an option in Kingston-Upon Thames which is another great location. So if you fancy getting out of the office an onto the seas (Canal) then this event is for you.

Who Dares Wins Live

Coming Soon….. 4 Zones throughout the room, 4 Challenge styles to suit different skills. One mission!

Our Top Virtual Team Building Activities

Who Dares Wins

who dares wins virtual team building
Four Challenging Zones to explore (Medieval, Jungle, Ocean and Futuristic) Teams will take on different challenges to suit different strengths within the 1 Hour of exciting team challenges. Our experienced game hosts will be there throughout to help guide you through the zones using Zoom technology, join us for a virtual Who Dares Wins. A game not to be missed! It is by far our most popular virtual event.

Who’s Got It

virtual team building scavenger house hunt
100’S of points up for grabs, 4 riddles to solve. Will your team be quick enough to beat the clock? This virtual team building game takes teams on a very exciting adventure from your own home. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by completing a number of different challenges, this game is highly interactive and fun.

The Dragon’s Apprentice

the dragons apprentice virtual team building
Based on two of the best reality programmes on TV, from the title you can guess what they are. Teams will compete against each other, teams must pitch their product to the group using a mystery keyword along the way. They will be judged on the quality and creativity of the pitch with lots of fun mini games to keep the group engaged! How fun does that sound?

Seal The Deal

Back To The Office! How To Reintroduce The Team?
22 sealed virtual boxes, one box up for grabs. Can your team win it? You play as one big team in this game. This is all about communication, having a good time and getting to know your team better. The game will follow a similar format to the nostalgic game but with added energisers to keep the whole group engaged. These include hilarious party games such as Pictionary using the virtual zoom whiteboard, 5 second rule games & dash and grab rounds.

Around The World

around the world in 60 minutes virtual team building activty 2
Is your team ready to travel the world virtually? If yes, then this is for you. Who’d have thought it? In the age of modern travel, we have reached 2022 and are unable to explore different countries depending on their restrictions! However, we have a solution where you can travel to all four corners of the globe without a visa or negative covid test in sight. Come and play our virtual around the world where you will transport your team to different continents with the aim being to earn as many air miles as possible.
Top 2022 team building activities
Whether your team is already back in the office, or you are starting the transition, now is the perfect time to get the team back together for a fun and engaging team event. For those more anxious about the return, why not choose one of our outdoor team event options for that peace of mind. Alternatively, if you are likely to stay at home for a little longer, our virtual team activities are perfect.

Get in touch with one of our events experts today to start planning your 2022 team events!