Do you need to motivate your team? Our Top 10 5-minute Team Building Activities are designed to engage your team to get yourself motivated. This is a great way to keep yourself active and refresh your mind!


1. Team Trivia Quiz

Why not create a team trivia quiz based on fun facts about your colleagues. It is possible to run the team trivia either as a standalone quiz or as part of a team-building event. For recurring meetings (For example, weekly team meetings), you can break the activity down into smaller chunks and ask one question at a time.

You can ask your teammates a question each week about someone new on your team. Provide that person with some space to share an interesting fact about themselves or a cool story to share with the team. This is a great way of getting to know your colleagues and build working relationships.


2. Stretches

Starting your day with stretches has physical and mental benefits. Stretching enables muscles to contract and relax and causes your body to release built-up tension. This relief eases lower back pain, enhances body flexibility, and calms the mind.

Note: stretches may be uncomfortable but should not be painful. You must immediately stop if stretching feels like a sharp pain.

Examples of these stretches include cobra stretch and upper back stretch. We would recommend to bring in mats for on the floor exercises. Standing stretches are easier to undertake as they do not need extra preparation or materials. Some best standing stretches include side and quad stretches.

Why not give this a go to help you de-stress and calm the mind. Switch off from your workload and take part in one of our Office Wellbeing workshops. These include self-massage, desk yoga and bite size breathing.



3. Would You Rather?

Do you want to start your meeting with a heated discussion? Consider asking a ‘would you rather’ question. Trust us, the harder the question, the better the discussion. It’s mind-boggling what people thought about before making their decisions.

To do this, create a poll question with two options and let people choose from them. During your meeting, ask people to vote by writing the answers down on paper and then display the results. Ask that individual why they voted the way they did after you reveal the winning option. It’s a great way to interact and have fun with your colleagues.


4. Quiz Question Of The Week

Your colleagues will be energized with a little brain teaser at the beginning of your meeting. For example, you could choose to tie this question to the content of your presentation, to your industry or to the subject of your meeting.

Create a multiple-choice poll for your audience to take. After adding the options, you can hide the correct answer and reveal it once the audience has voted. Also, you could include a short introduction about the subject, relevant background information for it, or state why the participants are taking the quiz.

So, give this a go and have fun interacting with your team.


5. Highlights

A highlight question of the week is an effective way to get your teammates to start a conversation by sharing a highlight of their week. This can increase the team’s motivation and efficiency. For example, create a question “What was your highlight of the last month?” and ask your colleagues to submit their top moments of the last month by writing on paper or by word document for remote teams.

Get your colleagues to display their answers in full screen either on paper or by word document. They can then comment on the submissions on why these are their top moments, then call out the colleague to share a story behind their highlights with the rest of the group. This is a great way to boost the staff morale.


6. Caption This

Caption this involves showing your colleagues a picture, cartoon, or photograph. The teams then have to come up with a phrase to describe on what you would name the image. After showing the image, submit your caption ideas within 1 minute and then present this and explain why you have chosen this caption.

At the end when all the colleagues have presented their caption ideas there would be a vote on which one is the best caption to use for that image. This is a great way to get your creative mind going!


7. Icebreaker Questions

This is a great way to break the ice with colleagues. Simply come up with an exciting question and have a debate about it in pairs or small groups.

A good icebreaker question can help colleagues communicate with each other in a better way and encourage confidence within the team. So why not give this a go!


8. Paper Plane Parade

Why not try out this fun team building activity and create paper planes with your team? Paper Plane Parade is a great way to express your team creativity and technical skills.

To get started you first need to divide your team up into small groups in equal numbers. You then supply them with three pieces of paper, tape, coloured pens and two paperclips. They then have five minutes to complete three airplanes. Once these have been created it is time to compete in the paper plane parade! Different categories could include competitions such as who’s plane can fly the furthest, which plane can fly for the longest time and which is the best looking. It is down to the rest of the team to vote and decide who is the champion of the paper plane competition.

Have a go, get creative and make paper planes with your team!


9. What Changed?

What changed is a game where participants have to be aware of colleagues’ surroundings before something is removed to then guess what disappeared.

To play this game you allow a colleague to come forward and take charge. This person will change something within the room. For example, locating a book on a table or a mug. That colleague will then ask for example, “What has changed?” and then the rest of the colleagues will guess and report until someone comes up with the answer.

They would have up to 5 minutes to guess what has removed and why. This is a great game to refresh and exercise your mind!


10. Dancing

Dancing stimulates the body to produce a ‘happy chemical’ called serotonin. This chemical regulates mood and makes dancers feel happy.

After heavy work sessions, dancing is a welcome relief to help reduce stress. A colleague would lead this and would let the team choose a theme song. The song should be about five minutes long and may vary in pace. For example, you can use slow-paced dance to enhance memory and discipline. On the other hand, fast dance would be a better option for burning energy and reducing stress.

Dancing is the best approach to break the stress levels and beat drowsiness. You promote creativity and expression by encouraging colleagues to embrace original dance moves and responses. This is a fun way to interact and motivate the team so give this a go and see for yourself! Or how about trying our fun Thriller experience to express yourself more through movement!!

If 5 minutes is not enough to motivate your team, then check out our team building activities here. At Team Tactics we have been motivating teams with award winning activities for almost three decades.

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