It’s getting lighter outside and although it is still dark when most of us finish work; soon it won’t be. You may think it is early to be thinking about summer events, but the popular events at peak times fill up quick. But, first, below we have 5 of our outdoor events which are designed to be as much fun as possible!

  1. 1. Treasure Hunts

Want something the same, but different? Why not try one of our GPS Treasure Hunts. Whether you go for the basic hunt, or ‘Game of Zones’ with a bag full of kit, prepare to see the most popular areas of London in a new light. Teams must pool their knowledge and creativity to solve a smorgasbord of challenges, while keeping one eye on the clock and the scores of the other teams.

Team Building

2. Zorb-Olympics

This is a nice combination of events: School Sports Day, Giant Darts, Archery Tag, and Zorb-ball. While you might be able to get your head around the first three events, Zorb-ball may require a bit of explanation because it really is as mad as it sounds. We provide the one-man body zorb, people attempt football. This hilarious activity will find people struggling to stand up, never mind score goals. The whole day is great fun and to top it off the winning team receive a bottle of bubbly for their ‘hard’ work.

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  1. 3. Thames Power Blast

This really is 3 events combined into one to give your team a truly unique afternoon. First you blast down the Thames on a Speedboat, all the way down to the Greenwich Peninsular. You then disembark and then quite literally go ‘Up at the o2’. After soaking in the view on the platform above the famous music venue, you descend from the o2 and make your way to the Emirates flight simulators where you virtually take to the air once more. This is not only an adventurous event, it is also the ultimate way to experience the Thames!

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  1. 4. The Crystal Team Challenge

Teams must rely on their brains for this event. It’s a mad dash against the clock through the Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic zones. Teams must work together effectively to ensure that they have the most amount of time in the all-important final challenge… the dome.

Team Building

  1. 5. It’s a Knockout Challenge

This is perhaps our wildest event. Anyone who remembers the BBC TV show will certainly remember the herculean efforts people went to to win it. The end of the TV show did not end the frantic antics; indeed we incorporate some of the original props into this event of epic proportions. This is not for the faint hearted, also – prepare to get wet!

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We have plenty of other events, contact us for more ideas:

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