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Is this what ice-breakers are all about?

Finding myself walking into a room of unknown people with my daughter over the weekend, I would imagine I felt like some people do when they are experiencing a team building event.

Intray this week!

I know everybody is experiencing the tightening market conditions, whether it be on a personal basis or at a corporate level, but I am relieved that we are still able to keep pleasantly busy.

Hot and happening!

Well it’s the middle of the week in November and for those of you with very stressful lives, feeling the need for a quick power nap, read on and I will lull you off to sleep in a matter of seconds! Cheltenham Horseracing Festival is not far off (March 2008) and having just searched the… Read more »

What’s on my desk?

The August bank holiday is now finished and it’s back to work. I seem to have lots of appointments this week with clients. Sadly though we will be saying goodbye to Rory who has decided he wants to spend the year travelling the world with Cat his girlfriend. He will be sorely missed by clients… Read more »

Central London Taken Over by Corporate Cookery Events!

When we first put our ‘How to Cook Asian’ Corporate Cookery event together, there was a little cynicism in the office – would it work? Is it really a ‘corporate’ event? Is it for staff entertainment or client entertaining? Amazing really. Now corporate cooking is one of our most popular events, and we even have… Read more »

Tower of London Music Festival

A bit of good news, plus a bit of bad. Hooray, dates for The Tower of London Music Festival have been officially confirmed (though this is the second official date release!). Dates will be now September 18th – 25th, not in June as in the past few years. However, we are still yet to confirm… Read more »

Corporate Events for 2008

Second day back from Xmas and the New Year celebrations and it feels good to be back. Although the office is quiet in terms of phone calls, it gives me time to remember whatever I was doing just before the festivities and to plan! Let’s hope we have great weather for 2008, so entertaining at… Read more »