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5 Things To Consider When Booking Corporate Entertainment

London is widely regarded amongst event planners and tourists alike as one of the most exciting cities in the World. As our friends at 45 Park Lane put it London has an “irresistible spirit, refinement and creative energy of a city quite unlike any other”. This was recently confirmed as it was voted in 2011 as… Read more »

The Best 2012 Movie Releases & Private Screenings

2012 is a BIG year for film releases and we’ve got just the ticket for those of you looking for something a bit different for your next cinema visit. Our private screening’s offer the best in terms of luxury and exclusivity, providing guests with the ultimate cinema experience. We’re sure that ‘Wrath of the Titans’,… Read more »

4 Corporate Event Industry Predictions For 2029

The end of the year is nearly upon us and so it only seems right that we give our readers our event industry predictions for 2029. To be honest predicting further ahead than a year is difficult in the event industry thanks to the continual efforts of event agencies to bring fresh and exciting ideas… Read more »

Listening To Adversities & Heroism Last Night

I was so fortunate to attend The Queens Gallery last night where explorer, writer and Sue Lawley’s desert island disc guest David Hempleman Adams was speaking! David Hempleman Adams has conquered the four main poles, and climbed the highest peaks in each of the seven continents. Wow! Built like a ton of bricks too! The Queen’s… Read more »

Most Interesting Request Of The Week!

Today we had, what is, perhaps, our most interesting enquiry to date. We can’t be sure if it’s genuine or not but none the less will do our best to pass on this request to HRM Queen Elizabeth II! Madam, Please can you help me out, my school desperately needs a prom venue, and I… Read more »

Corporate Entertainment in London & The Heart Of The Great Alone

I meant to write about the new exhibition coming to the Queen’s Gallery London for some time now and have been beaten by the Sunday Times who last week wrote a piece on the stunning exhibition entitled ‘The Heart of the Great Alone’. This exhibition opens at The Queen’s Gallery London October 21. The Heart… Read more »

An Evening Of Memorable Corporate Entertaining in London

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of accompanying our events director Hellen to one of our VIP evenings at Buckingham Palace, helping to ensure the day ran smoothly and our guests received impeccable service for which Team Tactics has become renown for. It was also a huge pleasure to be able to accompany our group through… Read more »

Celebrate British Tradition at the BBC Proms with Team Tactics

CLIENT ENTERTAINMENT AT BBC PROMS 2011 BBC Proms is a truly original event and a firm favourite amongst those looking for corporate entertainment! Sadly the BBC announced this January that the sister event BBC Electric Proms was to be cut due to the financial cutbacks. However BBC Proms in the Park has announced a superb… Read more »

Starr quality on the Later show

Some of you may have seen last weekend’s Later show with Jools Holland in which Ringo Starr, amongst others, made an appearance. It was great to see the Beatles legend still full of passion and a certain sense of ‘coolness’. It was also good to see the two interact given their forthcoming appearances at the… Read more »

Festive Frolics in the Kitchen!

If you haven’t already thought about your Christmas party then do consider our Christmas Cookery options which are not only really fun events but also double up as a team building session to motivate your staff to take them into the New Year. We offer Christmas novelty hats, crackers and festive music to ensure you… Read more »