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Our Top Five benefits to Team Building

Team Building activities can provide employees and businesses with many benefits. Our Top Five reasons as to why you should invest in team building activities are: 1. Improve your employee’s communication, and enable them to speak and work with members of their organisation that they may not normally work with. E.g. Senior Management 2. Motivation-… Read more »

High energy Haka & dynamic Drumming for conference

So, not always do I get out to facilitate a corporate event but this team building activity was one of them. I had gone to see a prospective client after having a lengthy conversation over the phone. He was looking for a team building company who he could trust to deliver a memorable team building… Read more »

Forecast for 2011?

Having been to the other side of the world with the rain following us at 30 degree temperatures, I thought I would title the blog along the lines of the weather and what the business forecast is predicted for 2011 in the events world. Yes Australia does get rain …. a lot of it!! I… Read more »

Starting Christmas with a Bang!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to my first Global Music Experience Event. The Event was held at Apartment 195 on the Kings Road for 17 people and was aimed at celebrating the end of a project and rewarding everyone for their continuous hard work. The client arrived at 12pm and everybody was very… Read more »

A Rather Tense ODI at The Oval!

After the revelations in the press about certain Pakistan players, I thought that the atmosphere at The Oval for the ODI would be highly charged and I was not wrong! My guests arrived in their private box within the new OCS Stand to enjoy some delightful hospitality at The Oval early on in order to… Read more »

A Right Royal Do!

Last Wednesday we ran one of our Buckingham Palace events for a long term client who has high expectations on everything they do! Of course, we did not disappoint and really pulled the stops out by commencing their event with Afternoon Tea in the private Music Room at The Ritz Hotel. As I was standing… Read more »

The importance of Twitter and Christmas Parties….

There were a couple of articles that i read in this month’s Event magazine that caught my eye. Firstly an article written about Twitter and how it has evolved into a genuine event tool. As we know more and more businesses are becoming a part of this social networking device in order to use it… Read more »

Global X Factor…a great team building activity!

I attended the Global X Factor on Friday 24th September 2010 in London. The Global X Factor included drum up the fun, junk funk and haka. It was the first global x factor i have attended and it is absolutely fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed watching one of the largest UK department stores having such great… Read more »

Bookies at odds over Cheltenham Gold Cup contenders!

It might be some seven months or so until the runners go to post for the Cheltenham Gold Cup at Cheltenham Festival, but there are already plenty of opinions being expressed by betting firms as to which of the market principals they believe is most likely to carry off the coveted trophy in the 2011… Read more »