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10 Tips For A Fun And Successful Christmas Virtual Event.

With only 6 of us allowed to meet up at the moment, Christmas 2020 is looking bleak. Luckily for you we have several Christmas virtual events that you can play with your team from your very own safety of your home. We have put together our top ten tips to having a fun and successful… Read more »

5 Benefits of A Virtual Christmas Office Party

With only 31 days until Christmas, there is no better time than to start thinking/ booking in your Christmas events. Due to Covid your office party this year may look different to previous years.  With so much uncertainty and winter just around the corner we have the perfect alternative to live events. We have 12… Read more »

Top Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

It is a strange one talking about Christmas when the sun is shining. With only 33 days until Christmas, now is the perfect time to talk about virtual Christmas party ideas. We have been working very hard here at Team Tactics HQ to bring you the best virtual Christmas party games. With so much uncertainty… Read more »