Thank you for this. Everyone here at Golden Star Resources had a great time – Thank you to Teamtactics, The staff on the Havengore and the Jazz band – we had a lovely time! Special thanks to Courtney who put up with our uniquely competitive staff 😊 Handled us like a pro!

Thankyou for a fantastic time during the Seal The Deal activity. I thought the host was excellent and kept everyone involved very well – brilliant enthusiasm and ability to handle the virtual conditions. I really liked the pre-prepared questions and games that were interjected throughout, that helped bring everyone together. It was great to spend… Read more »

Courtney, thank you so much (and the banker!). We had such a lovely time and it was great to forget about reality for a little bit and have a laugh. The team really enjoyed it and you were great!

An enjoyable event – more of the same. I was chosen to play although I had never even see the programme, I really enjoyed it… it was nice interacting with everyone and the games were fun. Team Tactics did a good job as usual. I really enjoyed the event. Was a good activity to see… Read more »

Thank you so so much for this last night! I loved it and the team said how much they loved it in our whatsapp group last night. You were honestly amazing! I’ll definitely be singing your praises if anyone else needs something to do 😊

My cheeks are still hurting from all the laughter! What a great way to feel connected to both friends and colleagues! I would highly recommend the game to all, thank you.

The small ‘advert break’ games. very cleverly planned and great fun, hilarious to watch everyone running around like maniacs trying to find items in their house and watching the looser sing in shame.

It was a lot of fun! Thank you so much for keeping things fun during the lock-down period!

Jenny Sandford

Thank you for again for everything, I very much enjoyed the energy you brought to the event.

Evolution Water

Thank you so much for all your help and all your team who looked after us. Alex was great so please pass my thanks on to him as well. Also the lady behind the bar really looked after us and the waitresses that welcomed us were fab too.