Top 5 Evening Team Building Activities To Compliment Your Dinner


Dinner has happened. After indulging your guests are subtly swaying towards sleep. STOP, not on our watch! While the following list below does include a few energisers, other events are meant to be enjoyed like a fine wine– enjoyed as part of a meal and remembered for a long time. Read on for some of our most unique team building dinner activities that are guaranteed to encourage thought-provoking conversations amongst your guests.

1. Antiques Curio

Antiques Curio is a unique addition to any event. This is perhaps best suited to being combined with a meal as you can be assured that everyone will be sitting down and can pay full attention to the task at hand. Guests are presented with a range of unusual antiquities and must plumb the depths of their knowledge (or lack thereof) to figure out what it is that they are looking at. This is all under the auspices of our engaging experts whose knowledge and wit will entertain your guests. This event can be run as a quiz, an auction, or an enlightening conversation, it really is up to you. We can also do this event anywhere.

Team Building

2. Disco Trivia

This is an unforgettably fun experience that includes music quizzes, dance-offs, and karaoke! Our fantastic hostess is sure to get even the most reserved amongst the group up onto the dance floor for a team event like no other. If you think you’re too grown up for a disco, why not try our James Bond version, complete with toy guns and masks. A fantastic addition to corporate events or even Christmas parties. It will be the perfect final touch to your next event.

team building

3. Around The World in 80 Minutes

In this activity your teams are taken on a Tour of the world, answering questions and completing challenges along the way, all while they compete against each other and the clock. Teams will have to build sculptures out of things as varied as pasta and Lego (not at the same time!) and communication is key to this incredibly varied event. The tactile elements of this challenging event are perfectly complemented by technology in the form of an iPad mini which teams will need to complete certain tasks. This event can be run as a fun fast-paced 80 minute event, or broken up into more manageable chunks to be enjoyed between the courses of a meal.

team building

4. Haka

Our Maori tribesmen will make a dramatic entrance to your event and perform the Haka to the delight of your guests. This traditional and ancient Maori Tribal dance works well as a spectacle, but have you ever considered taking part? This works well as a conference energiser, a team building activity or purely to have some fun over the course of a dinner. So – don the Maori war paint (yes, we bring some of that too), and prepare to get LOUD!


team building

5. Ice Carving

With the evening meal cleared away it’s time for a wow factor. An ice sculpture at a dinner event is pretty ‘wow’ but what about when you find out that you’re carving your own?
Our professional ice-carving instructors will demonstrate the craft of ice carving before your guests grab their leather gloves and goggles and crack on with a carving kit and chisel.
The ice-carving event can be tailored to be a more serious team exercise or simply a fun hands-on activity with participants working in teams of 2-5. With a requirement for a table for each team, ice-carving is a natural after-dinner activity, whether you want a fun ice-breaker before the meal or an after-dinner livener.


ice carving

If you’re planning your next evening event, simply reach out to us, and we will help you in tailoring your perfect team building activity. Don’t worry about space: -we offer plenty of options, whether you prefer hosting the event in your office or at a different location.

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