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Event rating 4.5

The Fun Eco-Challenge!  

Eden is one of the most inspiring team building events in the corporate events industry. Boasting the ability to brings participants together like never before. This is the ultimate quest to ensure your community survives by staying within the safe ‘green’ zone on the giant emissions gauge. 

The session will open peoples minds up to the impact of their actions, making every decision critical to their community success.Teams will begin with the challenge to build a completely sustainable community with their team, a number of variations typical to real life will throw teams into the deep end from the very start. 

Teams will travel around the world to complete a number of fun international challenges, each of which include an educational value. Each challenge completed will earn teams travel resources and funds which they need to build and develop their community.

Prices for Escape To Eden

Prices vary depending on the number of participants and the duration of the event. Please contact us for a tailored proposal on 0203 905 1750 or email

socially distanced team building activitiesKEEPING EACH OTHER SAFE

We understand it has been difficult to plan ahead in recent times. This is why we are providing you with a COVID guarantee on all of our team building activities. This means that if you or any of the group are unable to attend due to local or national restrictions we will help you rearrange the activity to a suitable date free of charge. However, we can now look ahead to a time where teams can come back together at a safe distance by following strict Covid regulations. At Team Tactics we love bringing teams together albeit virtually over the last few months. If you are planning the team reunion or are looking to bring your team back to your offices, we are here to provide safe socially distanced team building activities.

Escape To Eden

Do you know how much energy is required to power TV’s across the globe? You’ll be surprised.

Teams will travel across the world in an attempt to win as many resources as possible. Every time a team travels they incur obvious damage to the environment, using initiative and team work, teams will have to work together to reduce the impact on the planet by choosing between different types of travel. Some methods of travel are cheaper than others and as soon as the giant emissions gauge hits the red zone recovery is the only option!  

Teams have to unite and reverse the damage. It will cost them though! The trick is for teams to recognise the need to work together and reduce emissions.

Teams will compete with each other to create the largest sustainable community within a 30 day time frame. The focus of the activities is that teams can realise that they can be instrumental in creating ‘communities’. 30 tasks accompany the game, these are quick-fire, bespoke and standalone, covering issues such as disability, environmental concerns, social awareness, cultural protocol, national identity and pollution. The selection of activities are deliberately designed to appeal to different skill sets for maximum engagement. From ‘National Anthems’ in Berlin to ‘Urban Planning’ in Dubai and ‘Identify The Flag’ in Los Angeles, the challenges are engaging for all team members. 

Package Includes

  • Experienced event manager
  • Team Tactics event management 
  • Venue sourcing if needed 
  • All equipment required including 30 different challenges
  • Huge emissions gauge and route master planner
  • Team packs and stationary 

4 Reviews for Escape To Eden

Nuresh Patel

Amazing team building experience.
I will be in contact soon to book up our Winter events.

Event rating 4.5
Laurence Garland

Escape to Eden was brilliant.
A lot more involved than I initially thought.
Looking forward to the next event.

Event rating 4.5
Tania Long

This well thought team building activity has shown us how we affect our environment and what we have to do to lower the damage caused.
every member of the team brought forward well thought out strategies as we traveled across the planet to ensure our survival.
Thank you

Event rating 5
Yolanda Huseen

Educational and exciting day, We have grown as a team and learned more about our environment and how our actions can be damaging.

Event rating 4

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