Who's Got It? Scavenger House Hunt - Virtual Team Building

Ideal for larger groups from 10 to 400. BRAND NEW.

Virtual team building game Who’s Got It? takes teams on an exciting adventure from your very own home. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible throughout a number of different fun energisers. It is then up to your team to find the mystery items! However it is harder than you think, we will not be telling you what items to get, but we will be giving you a riddle to solve as a team. The answer to this riddle will reveal a random object. Its now a race against time to return to the screen with your items in the designated time allocated! Teams will take part in 5 thrilling rounds of games ranging from ‘Hum That Tune’ to ‘Observe That Ad’. The group will need to think on their feet and outside the box as every second counts!

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10-500 people
1-1.5 hours
Your own home
scavenger house hunt virtual team building
Virtual Team Building

Who’s Got It?

Guests will join the game via a Zoom conference call link. Who’s Got It? is designed to bring teams together in a high energy and interactive activity. We will have five rounds and at the end of each all participants will take part in a fun competitive online activity. Assemble your team for an online hour of fun! The activities can include the below:

Hum The Tune: Participants will need to guess what song is being sung by the other player. However to make this a lot harder the player can only hum the tune!

Observe That Ad: We will show the group 3 different adverts and test teams observation skills with a number of questions related to that video. This is harder than it sounds!

Name That Theme Tune: This nostalgic activity takes you back as we play several different theme tunes from different famous TV shows/films. But can you remember the name of the show?

Dash & Grab Teams will need to solve a number of different riddles throughout the game to work out what to hunt for. Goodluck!

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Package includes

  • Scavenger House Hunt Virtual Team Building Activity for groups of up to 400
  • 1/1.5 hour fun & interactive challenge without leaving your home
  • Team Tactics Presenter to present the whole event
  • A recording of the event can be sent over post event
  • Team photo taken during the activity can be sent over post event

“Thanks to TT for running a fab virtual event for my team, we loved getting up from our seats and grabbing items from around the house. It was refreshing to do something completely unique on zoom that we haven’t done before! The whole team got involved and we loved splitting into breakout rooms so we could chat as a smaller group before rejoining the rest of the group for the results etc. Thanks again team!”

Hellen Hamilton-Murphy

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Comments Rating 4.83 (30 reviews)

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