The Dragon's Apprentice

The Dragon’s Apprentice

Based on two of your favourite business reality programmes! Coming to a virtual boardroom near you (Your home office).

Using zoom breakout rooms, small teams of 5 will be tasked with finding a household item from around their house. However this challenge is a lot harder than it sounds, teams must come up with an alternative use for this object and create a pitch to sell the new invention to the rest of the group! E.g. a Straw could double up as a bookmark (we are expecting more creativity to be used than this!).

Each team will have 20 mins to work on their presentation to try and sell their item with a new use! The pitch can be no longer than 2 mins. We love to add a twist to our games so here goes…..teams will be given a ridiculously random keyword that they must include in the pitch! This might sound easy but trying to add the word ‘Potato’ into a serious pitch can be tricky. During the pitch other teams can try and guess the random keyword to gain bonus points.

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10-500 people
1-1.5 hours
From your very own home
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The Dragon’s Apprentice

The Dragon’s Apprentice

The teams pitch will be judged by their fellow colleagues and Team Tactics on the credibility of the product and the quality and creativity of the pitch. A fun selection of mini games will also be played throughout to ensure all teams are engaged throughout the virtual event.

3 Fun Mini Challenges

Emoji Charades

This will test teams movie knowledge in a modern version of the popular charades game. We will share on the screen a film title made up of different emojis! Who will be the quickest to send us the correct answer in this fast paced energiser?!

Mystery Items

We have scoured the internet to find the most weird and wonderful items you can buy online. Will your team have what it takes to guess the use for each item?

Did They Invest?

We will share some iconic clips of pitches from ‘The Den’ and teams must guess if the product successfully won an investment from the Dragons. PS there have been some pretty random pitches in the den!

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Package includes

  • The Dragon’s Apprentice Virtual Team Building Activity for groups of up to 400
  • Teams of 5 will compete against eachother in a competitive activity
  • 1/1.5 hour fun & interactive challenge without leaving your home
  • 3 fun mini challenges throughout the game
  • Team Tactics Presenter to present the whole event
  • A recording of the event can be sent over post event if requested
  • Team photo taken during the activity can be sent over post event

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