Virtual Haka Workshop

Virtual Haka Workshop

Our world renowned Maori are here to provide a workshop from your very own home!

The Haka is a traditional, ancient Maori Tribal War dance that acts as a powerful virtual conference energiser or team building activity. For centuries native Maori tribes have used the power of the Haka to unite and tackle challenges head-on. It is just as effective today and provides the opportunity for your team to grow together.

Our authentic Maori tribesmen are one of only two groups in the UK that have permission from their Tribal Elders in New Zealand to use the Haka for team building corporate purposes. In fact our lead instructor is from the actual tribe that wrote the famous Ka Mate Haka that the All Blacks use! We can offer a short 30 minute Haka session, ideal as an energiser and to add a memorable element to a virtual meeting or simply a fun addition to a team huddle. Or we can hold a deeper 90 minute Haka session in which participants are immersed in the history of the Haka and its traditions also.

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10-500 people
30 mins -1 hour
Your Very Own Home
the haka virtual team building
Virtual Haka Workshop

Virtual Haka Workshop

Delegates will take their seats in their home office believing all to be routine and normal. However as they settle, the background music which has been playing will increase in volume signifying the start of the session. Suddenly…silence! And then the roaring of The Call from the lead tribesmen. The Tribesmen will storm the virtual conference, performing the Ka Mate Haka much to the surprise of your guests! Delegates will then participate in our high energy Haka workshop in which they’ll learn and perform as a unified team in a spectacular Grand Finale.

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Package includes

  • Our most powerful conference energiser redesigned for the virtual event set up
  • Help your team to grow together as one during this tough time
  • Learn the Haka via a group zoom call!

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