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Struggling to choose? We can help you find your perfect event!

VIP Events

VIP events offer an opportunity to entertain in the most luxurious venues and prestigious locations in the country.

With over two decades of experience, we deliver fresh, innovative VIP experiences for our corporate clients, we understand what it takes to make your day special. To us, VIP events mean that we need to firstly create an innovative event for our customer but to then deliver an exceptional experience where attention to detail is second to none. Our unique events include our quintessentially British Cruise & Dine experience which is perfect for those who enjoy superior food and a personal experience. Our best of British Driving Day offers an awesome ‘Best of British’ experience with the ultimate VIP factor.

Alternatively a highlight on our events calendar is the Concours of Elegance which isn’t just for car enthusiasts and offers a luxurious day alongside the rich and famous at magnificent royal venues. Team Tactics have also had over two decades of experience in delivering exceptional Corporate Sailing Regattas which are a perfect event for a particular special occasion giving the clients the VIP wow factor. We enjoying offering clients a first class well informed experience including the level of race competitiveness. Return to our Corporate Hospitality page for more entertaining ideas.


Our broad selection of VIP events can range in duration. Please get in touch today to discuss your timing requirements and brief.

Our selection of VIP events are usually suitable for any group size. For smaller more intimate groups you have the opportunity to share tables in order to network further. For larger groups there is also a selection of exclusive spaces that can be reserved.

The prices for our VIP events vary depending on the event chosen. Our prices range from £200pp up to £1000’s per event for higher end experiences. 

Our broad selection of VIP events are available throughout the year. It is always best to plan in advance to ensure you can attend an event which suits your plans but also to make sure you do not miss out of some of the most popular VIP events in the UK.