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Our Range Of Outdoor Team Building Activities

Step out of your comfort zone and create unforgettable memories with an action-packed outdoor event.

Our outdoor team building activities and team building events provide the perfect opportunity to escape the office with your group, motivate your team and create unforgettable memories

Our outdoor team building activities provide the perfect opportunity to escape the office with your group, motivate your team, and create unforgettable memories in London and the UK.

We constantly develop new ideas and new team building events for our clients to ensure the best experience possible. Our selection of outdoor team building activities offers something special to all groups.

Whether you want to learn a skill such as street art in our graffiti workshops, enjoy the sun along a London canal, or have to have fun away from the office in one of our exciting treasure hunts, we can guarantee a faultless event.

At Team Tactics, we have events designed to take individuals out of their comfort zone and help them to interact with colleagues beyond the working environment. Our outdoor team building events are ideal for building collaborative skills and forming relationships in unique environments.

Our outdoor team building activities offer the chance to reward your team with a fun packed day of engaging activities, whilst newly formed teams could get to know each other that little better in fun, thrilling environments.

Our mobile outdoor team building activities can travel anywhere in the UK, making them the ideal flexible event option. Why not combine a summer activity with a delicious BBQ to continue the celebrations late into the evening? With Team Tactics, the opportunities are endless.

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Our broad selection of events can range from a 30-minute energiser to full days or even one week of team activities. Our most popular duration for a standalone event is around 2 hours long to fit around meetings and other engagements.

We recommend a minimum group size of 10 people to ensure the best possible experience. However, some outdoor team activities are suited for larger groups of 30+.

Speak to one of our event experts if there is a particular event you are interested in. Some of our events can cater for much larger groups of 500+.

Our events range from informal activities to more physical adventure challenges. However, all activities are suitable for any ability. Our events are run by experienced facilitators who will assist and help any group.

Most of our events award the winning team a shiny medal, a polished trophy or a nice bottle of bubbly. However, if you’d like to reward the group with something extra special, we recommend it.

Why not reward the winning team with an early finish on a Friday?

The prices for our outdoor team building events vary depending on the event chosen. Our prices range from £65pp to £1000’s per event for higher-end experiences. 

Our events can usually fit around any schedule between meetings and conference calls. We operate our events seven days a week and can run events in the evenings.

Our most popular days for these events are Wednesdays & Thursdays, so make sure you book your slot in advance if you would like one of these days!

We have a selection of events perfect to bring your remote team back together. Designed to encourage connect, team build and motivate your team.

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