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Fun & Unique Charity Team Building Activities

Combine the benefits and enjoyment of a team building challenge, along with increasing your social responsibility by giving back to the community.

Incorporating a charity element to your team building event will motivate your team and foster stronger relationships, with the knowledge your event can make a genuine difference to people’s lives within the local community and around the world.

Charity team building is a great way to bring your colleagues together. No matter whether your staff are office based, hybrid or working from home, our choice of charity team building activities are a great way to break down barriers and work collaboratively for an end result that benefits both the participants and those in need.

Charities We Work With

Are you considering adding a charitable element to your next team building activity in London? At Team Tactics we are proud to work with multiple charities, including Porchlight, Demelza House and Winston Wheels. Following each event, the chosen charity will receive the donations from your team to be given to those in need. Depending on the event; this can be food, essential items, bikes or even a prosthetic hand.

Our Charity Team Building Events

Our selection of charity team building activities are ideal for all budgets and group sizes. From our outdoor London charity treasure hunts to our indoor cooking for the homeless activity, we have a charity event suitable for every group.

Our exciting Build a Bike for Charity activity offers the incredible opportunity to build and donate a brand new bike to a charity. This activity is perfect for your team to get hands on and work collaboratively to complete the task. Your team are welcome to pick which charity to donate the bikes to or we can donate them to one of our favourite charities.

New for 2023, Give a Helping Hand, is an incredible team building activity with an outcome that will change lives. This event motivates, improves communication and strengthens teamworking skills. In groups teams will be construct prosthetic hands, these will then be sent to developing countries to be fitted to someone in need, to support them in their day to day lives.

Wheels for Walkies is another new event for 2023, helping our four legged friends whether than be dogs, cats or farm animals. This fantastic activity involves completing challenges as a team to access the parts and equipment needed to build a functioning wheelchair. Improve communication, leadership and enhance team bonding while also creating a way to give a dog back their freedom.

Charity team building activities are rewarding for all participants, encouraging collaborative working, inclusivity and provide a great sense of achievement.

It’s time to make a positive impact. Enquire with our team of events specialists today to find a charity team building activity that’s right for you.

Charity Team Building Activities

Charity Team Building Activities FAQs

Our selection of charity team building activities usually last around 3 hours. This is however flexible to fit around your schedule.

We recommend a minimum group size of 10 people to ensure the best possible experience. However some of our charity team activities are suited for larger groups of 30+. Speak to one our event experts if there is a particular event you are interested in. Some of our events can cater for much larger groups of 500+.

All of our charity team building activities are suitable for any ability. All of our events are run by experienced facilitators who will assist and help any group.

Most of our events award the winning team with either a shiny medal, a polished trophy or a nice bottle of bubbly. However if you’d like to reward the team to something extra special, we recommend it. Why not reward the winning team with an early finish on a Friday?

The prices for our charity team building events vary depending on the event chosen. Our prices range from £70pp for larger groups to £200pp for the more expensive options.

Our events can usually fit around any schedule in between meetings and conference calls. We operate our events 7 days a week and can run events in the evenings. Our most popular days for these events are Thursdays & Fridays so make sure you book your slot in advance if you would like one of these days!

Motivating and engaging your remote or hybrid teams can be tricky but Team Tactics offer a selection of team building events, including Charity Team Building perfect to bring remote teams together to reconnect, team build and motivate.

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