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Struggling to choose? We can help you find your perfect event!

Team Building London

London offers a wealth of choice when it comes to team building events and activities.

Our corporate events in London look to capitalise upon the unique and memorable, by incorporating many of the sights and sounds of London is renowned for.

With over 25 years experience specialising in corporate events in London and team building London we can create a faultless event for your group. Explore London from all angles with the option to speed along the Thames or cook your way into the evening with our popular Corporate Cooking Event. You can learn a skill or make impeccable sounds in our team building London range of Music and Dance workshops.

Team Building London offers a truly unique opportunity to experience our selection of highly interactive events and activities. From learning the art of street art in the perfect urban location to creating culinary masterpieces in your very own corporate cooking experience.

Our fantastic Land, Sea and Air event offers the combination of three team building events if you can’t decide what activity to choose!

With our main focus being London, we understand what it takes to create and enjoy events in the capital. Team Tactics enjoys using the sights and sounds of the city to your advantage with the opportunity for endless outdoor team building activities. London also offers a selection of special restaurants and wine bars which are perfect to combine with any team building event.

Social Distancing Team Building

We can now look ahead to a time where teams can come back together for fun and safe socially distanced team building activities. At Team Tactics we love bringing teams together by virtually and in person. If you are planning the team reunion or are looking to bring your team back to your offices, we are here to provide safe socially distanced team building activities. Get in touch today to find out more about our Covid safe events!

Virtual Team Building Activities

At Team Tactics we have adapted our award winning London team building activities and redesigned them for remote working teams. Learn a skill as we bring our professional chefs to your very own living room in our Ready, Steady Cook-a-long or enjoy a light hearted hour of fun in our popular Seal The Deal game! All of our virtual events are hosted by our great team of experienced hosts which will bring your virtual zoom event to life! View our large selection of virtual team building activities here.


Our broad selection of events can range from a 30 minute energiser to a full day or even a full week of team activities. Our most popular duration for a standalone event is around 2 hours long to fit around meetings and other engagements.

We recommend a minimum group size of 10 people to ensure the best possible experience. However some of our London team activities are suited for larger groups of 30+. Speak to one our event experts if there is a particular event you are interested in. Some of our events can cater for much larger groups of 500+.

Our events range from indoor activities to more physical outdoor adventure challenges. However all activities are suitable for any ability. All of our events are run by experienced facilitators who will assist and help any group.

Most of our events award the winning team with either a shiny medal, a polished trophy or a nice bottle of bubbly. However if you’d like to reward the team to something extra special, we recommend it. Why not reward the winning team with an early finish on a Friday?

The prices for our London team building events vary depending on the event chosen. Our prices range from £30pp up to £1000’s per event for higher end experiences. 

Our events can usually fit around any schedule in between meetings and conference calls. We operate our events 7 days a week and can run events in the evenings. Our most popular days for these events are Thursdays & Fridays so make sure you book your slot in advance if you would like one of these days!

We do also run a selection of engaging virtual events which are ideal for remote teams. We have been running virtual events since lockdown 1.0 in 2020 and have delivered them to remote teams around the world.