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Why choose a corporate Treasure Hunt with Team Tactics

In our fully event managed Treasure Hunts, Team Tactics will provide a professional and experienced event manager at every event who is there to fully engage the group in the activity ahead, creating a fully serviced activity from start to finish. 

Our Treasure Hunts are a leisurely walk around Central London. For something a little different, look at London Canal Quest or Cab Clue Trail.

Treasure Hunts run at any time of the day. The walking hunt normally lasts approx. 2 – 3 hours but will require time for briefing beforehand and the results and medals host by our event manager. The venue for these start and end points are very important. With nearly 30 years’ experience, Team Tactics can suggest some excellent locations as part of the event management service.

A wide variety of themed Treasure Hunts we offer from Bright Lights of London, The Royal Quest, Pub Pit Stop Challenge, Apprentice Charity GPS Hunt, The Olympic Challenge, Game of Zones and also fully bespoke GPS Scavenger Hunts.

Small teams compete making everybody’s involvement important – depending upon the numbers in a Treasure Hunt, we would suggest teams of 6-7 persons.

Using our great GPS treasure hunt game on our I-Pad minis, groups can view the interactive scoreboard (which is turned off 30 mins before the end!…we love surprises!), an interactive map so teams can scout out the other teams and the ability to engage all groups who can comment throughout the challenge with their opponents, either offering encouragement or some gloating!

Photos taken during the activity are then sent directly to the client after the event to have as a memento of the day.

Charity angle? Then take part in the Apprentice Charity Treasure Hunt in aid of Porchlight.

Bespoke GPS Treasure Hunts can be easily created. Some clients request a few applicable questions added to the hunt. There are instances where a bespoke GPS hunt is required between two specific points incorporating perhaps the conference location to the dinner location and will require personalised business messages into the Treasure Hunt.

We can translate the hunt into different languages to engage many different clients and entertain visitors to London.

  • Can fit right into your schedule.
  • A great way of fostering better working relationships
  • See famous landmarks along the way

We are very proud to always support this team activity with pre-event management, full event management on the day and post-event management. Pre-event management may be in the form of help from us to locate a good destination for your start and end points to the GPS Hunt. Nobody wants to be dragged around Central London to get to the pub or dinner reservation when we can help and make the end destination part of the game, the place where the group will end up with a well-deserved drink or food. On the day itself, there will be a Team Tactics event manager who cares passionately about making this corporate team away day the best experience ever. Post-event management is where we follow up and send off all the photos your teams have taken on the hunt and also to ensure we did run everything to your expectations.

  • Full assistance with start and end points.
  • We offer flexibility – though we have set themes, we do provide a very bespoke service for everything we do.
  • Our motto is to go the extra mile for our clients!

How it works on the day

The event started with a briefing from our event manager, teams will usually meet in a pub or cafe, though it can be anywhere previously agreed during the pre-planning of an event. Our event manager will welcome everybody to the event and build excitement as to what the challenge involves. The rules of engagement are set by the event manager:

  • Groups must stay together – no splitting up. This is a team challenge and will require all person’s cooperation during the GPS Hunt.
  • There are various challenges and tasks. There are different amounts of points to be won. Its up to each team to determine how they will go about answering as many questions as possible.
  • The hunt will normally last 2- 2.5 hours (depending upon what has been agreed) and the teams MUST return within the allotted timescale. Late comers get penalized!
  • Teams must take a team selfie and create a team identity/team name to start the GPS Hunt. There are some hilarious team name choices!
  • Teams must work together to determine how best to approach the hunt.
  • There is no order the questions need to be answered
  • There WILL be some challenges that pop up from the event manager when its least expected for extra points.
  • The team with the most points, wins. The interactive team score is turned off 30 minutes beforehand so nobody can see the winner.
  • Bonus points for creative team photos.
  • Throughout the hunt, each team can view on the map where other teams are located and can indeed message all or specific teams. There may be an advantage knowing where your opponents are during the game!

Throughout the hunt, each team can view on the map where other teams are located and can indeed message all or specific teams. There may be an advantage knowing where your opponents are during the game!

As the hunt concludes, teams meet our event manager at the designated end point, together will all the participants of the Treasure Hunt. This could be the office, a pub, or a dinner reservation. Usually, teams are thirsty and excited to know the winning team. This is the job of our event manager to show any photos taken (if space permits) and drum roll, the announce the wooden spooners and winners. We will be on hand as there are always the super competitive that have a team question. Once this is done, we will leave the group to enjoy the rest of the day/evening.

Treasure hunts in London are our most popular team activity. Our Treasure Hunts are updated annually with fresh and fun questions and challenges in and around London.

These new London treasure hunts utilise location-based trivia, photo challenges, instant feedback and live leaderboards with interactive maps using technology that will, quite simply, blow your mind!

“The whole treasure hunt event was fun, the warm up session with the team leader was great, really engaging and fun and great at breaking the ice. The route was planned well and the list of activities at each check point was fun to do and encouraged all the team to be involved. The use of the tablets is also really good. Well thought out and well managed. Really easy to book and all the team at team Tactics were very helpful.”


Treasure Hunts FAQs

The scavenger hunt clues are very varied and aim to be as fun yet challenging and get the maximum team involvement possible. With nearly 30 years’ experience, we are the experts at questions that draw upon all kinds of fine detail and hidden elements within the hunt location. Many of our clues are based on the inscription on monuments, for instance locating a moulded nose within the vicinity – thousands of people walk past ‘the nose’ and have no idea of its existence and indeed why!

For some questions, it’s all about history, architecture, and modern life. Within London, there is an incredible diversity of material that we use to create our clues. You’ll learn a lot and be challenged in a very fun, creative way.

Team Tactics like to work within your brief in terms of timings for our Scavenger Hunts. However, if time is more flexible, we would suggest the hunt itself takes approx. 2 hours. Allow time for the initial briefing and the wrap up at the end with our events manager. Everyone loves to hear the winning order and be awarded the winning team medals!

Treasure hunts are cleverly designed for teams to work in small numbers of 5-6 persons. This promotes better collaboration and teamwork.

Each GPS event run is run exclusively to a corporate group. We can assist with the rendezvous point, dinner or lunch recommendations, advice for the day. We require an estimate on total numbers and the choice of hunt, i.e. Bright Lights at Covent Garden or the very popular themed hunts.

Team Tactics are available to run treasure hunts at any time of the day or night. London at night is quite spectacular.

Each team is given an ipad with the game downloaded. Once event manager has explained the challenge ahead, what to expect, rules of the game etc, there will be a brief guide as to how the game on the IPad is run. To get the team event started, teams create a team selfie of themselves and come up with a novel team name.

On the interactive map, team will see ‘hotspots’ (like tear icons). These icons mark the locations teams must get to. Lots of fun challenges, questions, trivia, general knowledge, photo challenges to take part in as a team. Answer as many as possible, in any order. There will also be some random messages that come through from the event manager to throw some disarray into some well-planned schedules!! Expect the unexpected!

The hotspots on the map are points on the map that teams must get to. It’s as easy as following points like Google Maps.

The route chosen by each team to answer the questions for the Treasure Hunts, can be answered in any order. It’s up to teams to strategize, evaluate how much time to answer each. There will be that question that if teams try to answer all the questions, teams could be late to the end destination point, resulting in a big point deduction. Planning, teamwork but fun along the way!

Typically, clients book the Treasure Hunts with Team Tactics because we offer added value and can advise the start and end points for a Treasure Hunt. Team Tactics Treasure Hunts are all run in London and with nearly 30 years’ experience of team building events in London, we have a depth of knowledge we can offer freely to our clients.

Each of our GPS Hunts from the GPS Bright Lights of London to Pub Pit Stop Challenge offers a team activity that is a leisurely walk. However, that is not to say that we have teams who are extremely competitive and have worked out, if they walk fast, they can answer more questions!

Each team goes at their own pace and there is no pressure to go at a speed anyone is uncomfortable with. Typically, we would suggest that if it’s more a social event required, perhaps the Pub Pit Stop Challenge is the perfect choice of GPS Hunt.

Our treasure hunts cover a variety of locations across London including Covent Garden, Westminster, South Bank, the City and the Olympic Park Stratford. Contact us to find out what treasure hunts we can offer near you.

Team Tactics are the longest established team building company that offers real diversity for Treasure Hunts.

Walking Scavenger Hunts
These are GPS Bright Lights of London, The Royal Quest, Pub Pit Stop Challenge, The Apprentice Charity GPS Hunts.

Treasure Hunt incorporating electric boats
We also offer scavenger hunts in self driven electric boats on the canals of Paddington, Kingston and Birmingham, called London Canal Quest.

Cab Clue Trail
Travel in a matching fleet of black cabs to solve the puzzles  and complete challenges along the way, a Team Tactics Treasure Hunt with a twist, our Cab Clue Trail

More unusual, bespoke Treasure Hunts
For a more unusual way of getting around London to answer your GPS questions and solve the clues, we have at least six more inspiring alternatives! Call us and we can tell you more!

If being tasked with creating a team activity that requires personalization such as incorporating a specific business message, or as part of a conference or a product launch, then a bespoke treasure hunt could be the answer. This is not an unusual request and welcome any specific briefs.

The British are famous for braving the rain! We advise participants to dress appropriately for an outdoor walking treasure hunt. Usually, if it’s raining, it will be sporadic, and teams can take shelter. Unless there’s a danger to your group, we will still be there to run a fun challenge, though we will always suggest, if time permits, to stay in a pub for a little longer to wait for the rain to pass! Always most favourably receive.

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