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As a specialist corporate team building company, we enjoy creating corporate events and activities that are unique and innovative. With the corporate client in mind, we have designed and created an award-winning portfolio of fun team building events just for you.

Struggling to choose? We can help you find your perfect event!

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We are the leading team building experts in the UK, we know how to deliver meaningful and memorable corporate team building events for every group. Consistently striving to bring the very best events to the UK, we are the #1 choice for all team away days.

Organised team building events are essential for any business hoping to maximise the potential of their employees, boosting morale and improving productivity. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, having effective teams that know how to work well together is the key to success. Your company needs experienced and knowledgeable professionals who specialise in collaboration – that’s exactly where we come in.

At Team Tactics, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of activities to suit all clients. Our experienced event leaders are committed to creating a safe environment where individuals can challenge themselves, have fun and learn more about their colleagues.

Our portfolio covers all group types, sizes, needs, and preferences.  Whether you are an active group or your team would prefer a more relaxed activity, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us now and learn how you can foster collaboration amongst your team members today!

Our Corporate Team Building Events

We understand that each group is different, with their own unique needs and requirements. That is why we offer a huge variety of team building events, with a choice of activity for all preferences. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart, and is what will make your event such a success.

Indoor Team Building Activities

Our indoor team building activities range from highly engaging and motivational standalone events such as The Haka, Around The World in 80 Minutes, and Robot Wars, to activities which are perfect for team conferences or meetings.

At Team Tactics, we understand the importance of offering truly unique corporate team building days that bring staff together. This is why we go the extra mile to create a leading portfolio of activities built to inspire and engage. Why not sign up to a cocktail making class, or explore your team’s creative side with an ice carving session? The opportunities for collaborative fun are endless with us.

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Outdoor Team Building Activities

Our outdoor team building events create the perfect opportunity to view cities from a different angle. Give your team a fresh opportunity to break free from the office and enjoy time together away from the traditional working environment. Traverse London and see the capital like never before with one of our hugely popular London treasure hunts. Take on the Wild Wipeout course, or relive your childhood with our exciting school sports day event!

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Evening Team Building Activities

In contrast to some of our other events, our evening team building activities are ideal for more sophisticated corporate entertainment and group interaction. Enjoy a delicious meal in a relaxing environment, before taking part in one of our fantastic evening spectacles. Team Tactics offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy a distinctive edge to any corporate event, just get in touch today and let us handle the rest.
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Corporate Treasure Hunts

Some of the most popular team building activities we offer are our London GPS Treasure Hunt events. These exciting hunts are designed to provide teams with a fantastic afternoon out of the office, exploring some of London’s most spectacular landmarks!

Another much loved London GPS treasure hunt we offer is the London Canal Quest. This challenges teams to a treasure hunt along one of the city’s most exciting waterways, learning along the way. The team that earns the most points will be declared the Canal Clue champions!

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Our Team Building Locations

As leading team building specialists in the UK, we are experts in organising and coordinating fun and memorable activities all across the country. A large number of our events are fully mobile, allowing us to bring the excitement to any preferred location for your team to enjoy.

Team Building in London

Coordinating team building events in London has been our passion for almost 30 years. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in the best venues to use throughout the capital, making our events the greatest in the city. Tailoring London’s most unique and enjoyable attractions to corporate team building is what we do best.

Team Building Activities in Manchester

Manchester is a great place for team building activities and corporate groups looking to strengthen their team dynamic. Manchester is a city full of culture and history, offering a variety of attractions that are sure to engage all members of your group. 

From historic football teams, beloved landmarks like Coronation Street, and musical icons like Oasis, Manchester is a hugely popular entertainment hub. Check out our variety of Manchester team building activities and discover the perfect event in the city for your team today!

Team Building Activities in Leeds

Leeds is a vibrant and bustling city in the North of England, making it the perfect destination for a wide variety of our corporate team building activities. With plenty of diverse events to choose from, Leeds is the ideal place to strengthen relationships between team members and help them bond. 

If you are interested in team building activities in Leeds, take a look at our leading portfolio of events and find the perfect corporate away day solution for your staff!

Team Building Activities in Newcastle

Newcastle is a fantastic city to host team building activities. Located in the North East of England, the city is filled with exciting and unique experiences perfect for team bonding. The vibrant city centre hosts a mix of cultural events and activities, plus miles of stunning coastline that make it an ideal destination for a variety of corporate team building events. 

From the iconic Angel of the North, cheerful Geordie accents and famous brown ale, Newcastle is an atmospheric city perfect for all kinds of events. Browse our portfolio of team building activities in Newcastle for more information and get in touch with the team today!

Team Building Activities in Birmingham

Team building activities in Birmingham are some of the best around, with the city having a huge amount to offer its visitors. Whether you’re looking for something outdoors or indoors, Birmingham hosts the perfect team building event for you and your staff.

As the city with the second highest population in the UK, Birmingham is one of the most significant cultural hubs in the country. With a huge amount of experiences on offer, our selection of away day events is sure to have something your team will love – get in touch today!

Team Building FAQs

Apart from energisers, most of our corporate team build activities last between 2 – 3 hours. Sometimes there is a tight schedule for an activity and only a limited amount of time is available; if this is the case, we will suggest the best event based on group profile, budget, and brief.

We recommend a minimum group size of 10 people to ensure the best possible experience. However some of our team activities are suited for larger groups of 30+. Speak to one our event experts if there is a particular event you are interested in. We have experts ready to help you based throughout the UK in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, and Newcastle. Some of our events can cater for much larger groups of 500+.

Our events range from indoor activities to more physical outdoor adventure challenges. However all activities are suitable for any ability. All of our events are run by experienced facilitators who will assist and help any group.

Most of our events award the winning team with either a shiny medal, a polished trophy or a nice bottle of bubbly. However if you’d like to reward the team to something extra special, we recommend it. Why not reward the winning team with an early finish on a Friday?

The prices for our team building events vary depending on the event chosen and where it will be based around the UK. Our prices range from £65pp up to £1000’s per event for higher end experiences.

At Team Tactics we understand the importance of maintaining, motivating and engaging with remote teams, we offer a selection of team building events and activities perfect to bring remote teams back together to reconnect, socialise and team build.

There are so many things to do for a team activity! Team Tactics has captured the very best there is to offer to bring a huge breadth of team building activities to choose from. There is everything from foodie team building activities, active team building activities, indoor and outdoor team building, team building for the whole office, team building for smaller groups, participative activities, even charity team building days (check out our build a bike for charity event), collaborative events, problem solving, creative thinking, analytical team building in London.

The best team building activity to offer staff is the one best suited for your group and you are best placed to make that judgement. Knowing the profile of the staff will help to propose the best activity. 

For a young techie group, The Rat Trap or Robot Wars are just perfect. However, if you want to get out and about in a major cities like Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Newcastle or London, we have the perfect events to fit ranging from London Game of Zones with crystal maze style challenges. Other ideas include, Dragon Boat Racing or Apprentice GPS Treasure Hunt – both collaborative but also competitive!

With nearly 30 years of providing team days out for corporates, Team Tactics offer such a wide choice of unusual team building activities. Sometimes it can be an event overload with loads to choose from. We would highly recommend a quick telephone call to create a specific proposal for your brief, which will be emailed within the hour. What about  re-creating Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance? Or hiring a Party Bus for a Sports Partython. Perhaps something less energetic?

Team Tactics offer the very best team building activities. For action events one of the most popular are our various GPS treasure hunts available across the UK, we also cater for foodie lovers too with the chance to indulgence the senses with our corporate cooking workshop. Alternatively, there’s our very popular Cork and Cheese Challenge, where you can do some fun cheese and wine tasting, but if you need something extra special or unique then please get in touch, there is nothing Team Tactics can’t arrange!  Catch up with our experts covering London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Newcastle.

We ideally like to know a few things about your proposed activity. Where is it to be held is one of the main ones? This may sound daft but there is a big difference to London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Newcastle. How many people is it for? Profile of the staff? How long does the event last for? Any idea of budget? What previous events have been arranged before – answers to these questions will give us a feel as to what style of activities are liked by an organisation.

We usually say the minimum number of people who can participate in a team building activity is ten. However, in many instances, the activity can be arranged for smaller groups, but we would need to invoice you for a minimum group size.

Sometimes there are restrictions on the maximum number of people that can take place in a team building activity.  This will be mainly due to a specific activity e.g., a cooking activity will have restrictions due to kitchen size. But Dragon Boat Racing, GPS Treasure Hunts or Build a Bike for Charity are ideal for scaling up for larger numbers.

Team building activities can often fit around any conference schedule.  Within a day’s conference, often a more fun, light-hearted approach is required by corporates. The event may be to reinforce a company message, to instil collaboration, shared values or indeed energise the group.  We operate events 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day. Our most popular days for team events are Thursdays and Fridays so do book in advance! We are open during bank holidays (Scotland has some different bank holidays to England for example). There is no price difference whatever day you choose to run events with Team Tactics.

Team building activities are as active as the specific event chosen and to a lesser extent, how energetic each team is. Team building can as active or inactive as required.  For example:

Corporate Cooking & Build a Brand Challenge are a more relaxed team activity.

GPS Treasure hunts, The Royal Quest and London Game of Zones involve walking around the streets so will require average fitness levels.

Circus skills workshop, Robot Wars, It’s a Rat Trap, are relatively active that will require some movement of walking, bending down, sitting on the floor.

Wild Wipeout, It’s a Knockout, Dragon Boat racing, School Sports Day will require a higher degree of activity.

But do bear in mind, Team Tactics is a corporate provider of team building days out and all games are designed with this type of participant. Got any questions? Call us!

Team activities for the whole office are a common request. Very often, the brief for these types of events are that they are required to tick many boxes in order for all departments in the company to enjoy and to get involved with. This could be for 20 or 250 persons. But from an administrator to an actuary, to a clerk to a CEO, it’s a task to organise an away day and make everybody happy! You have made it to us, and we can help! Team Tactics has specifically created events that will suit a wide range of staff based throughout the UK, including cities such as London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Newcastle.

Normally the longest team event lasts 3 hours. For a full day’s activity or team offsite, it would be a case of preparing a bespoke full day to create a perfectly balanced programme. With nearly 30 years of helping companies achieve a great away day out, we have a huge amount of experience behind the business. There isn’t much that hasn’t been requested over the years. A full day often commences with arrival refreshments, a morning activity then lunch. Then we would re-convene for a second activity, but there are some considerations to keep in mind: have a think about how ‘up for it’ everybody will be after a lunch. Perhaps a less active event may be more suitable in the afternoon? Knowing where the group are to be located is the best starting point.

Tasked with providing a team building activity indoors as part of a conference offers clear guidelines to event organisers. With theatre style, delegates will be seated in rows, like the theatre. There is limited movement of delegates, and any event will need to take this into account. The Haka, Drumming, One Voice or Thriller Experience are the perfect fit to this event brief.

Your brief is to provide an engaging, collaborative event with an existing cabaret layout in situ. Consider The Bigger Picture or Around the World. Cabaret seating is seating around round tables, but half of the table is not used, so that all delegates can view the front of the room without having to turn their heads or chairs to view the projector or speaker. This is ideal for event organisers and generally we will use tables and teams.

Team Tactics offer off-the-shelf days’ out but can deliver bespoke company away days based on a specific brief. Perhaps there is limited event space and require an activity around tables, or in a theatre style conference set up. There may be a specific corporate message required to inspire the team. Often timing is essential, or indeed the location of the away day. Our goal is to minimise travel time in and around a city for maximum enjoyment. Depending upon your requirements, we will provide a number of options to consider.

A lot of the clients who run team building days are 24-35 years old. We have devised a huge range of team events to choose from. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor team event, or an active or more mind stimulating event, we have something for everyone. Our GPS treasure hunts are always a big hit with this age group, but if you prefer something more artistic why not try our ARTrageous graffiti workshop, where you can enjoy a delicious lunch followed by fun with spray paint – learning graffit from an expert.

Team Tactics offer a variety of different philanthropic events, offering team building events across the UK, with experts covering cities including London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Newcastle. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to give something back to the community. Corporate Social Responsibility is high on many company agendas and combing it with a team activity provides a double whammy – giving something back to the community whilst at the same time, giving something back to your staff by way of team building. To witness or create something that will positively impact others makes for a humbling and memorable team experience with a difference. Charity bike build and London Charity Apprentice GPS Hunt are two ideal charity team build activities.

Team Tactics are experts in team building and corporate events, bringing hybrid teams back together for all sorts of fun and engaging activities. Our events can be run across the country in your office or in an alternative venue, our event specialists can help you source a venue for your event. Some of our most popular events for Hybrid teams include our GPS Treasure Hunts, It’s a Rat Trap and the Bigger Picture. 

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