‘A business has to be involving, it has to fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.’

Richard Branson

It is not rocket science to understand that a happy workplace makes for a more productive and successful workplace. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, is not alone and many successful CEO’s and companies have taken extreme lengths to ensure a happier workplace environment. Google, Facebook and Apple have all become synonymous with this business model and their success speaks for itself. For many companies, having swimming pools and volleyball courts at your office like the Googleplex Campus, or Virgins offer of unlimited annual holiday for its staff might be a little way off, but the benefits of these perks are not as hard to replicate as you might think.

Corporate team building days are specifically designed to engage and involve everyone in ways that get people to cooperate and work together. Below are several of the benefits that you can gain through team building.

team building

New and Strengthened Relationships

The biggest positive! A strong team atmosphere in the workplace makes day-to-day tasks much easier and smoother. Team building is a real opportunity to strengthen relationships between staff and an excellent way for new employees to get to know their colleagues in a relaxed and fun environment.

team building

Increased Morale

An away day in the diary will give people something to look forward to and after the event the staff will be on a high resulting in a real boost. The happy office environment will make life easier for everybody and make the monotonous 9 to 5 much more bearable.

team building

Better Communication Between Staff

An important knock-on effect of a harmonious workplace. Communication is key and team building days often develop useful skillsets between staff which can be taken back to the workplace and enhance the team dynamic. In addition staff days out help to highlight the role of individuals and distinguish between the analysers, leaders and doers within the group adding to a greater workplace clarity.

corporate team building

Increased Productivity

A huge incentive for the bosses. Team building really is a win-win situation and the positivity and enjoyment that the staff will take away from a fun day out will directly translate into increased productivity back in the workplace. Team Building days are fun and enjoyable, they will also make staff want to stay and whilst new blood is important staff retention is necessary for the longevity of any business.

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