Founded in 1995, Team Tactics is a team of corporate events specialists,  based in London. It has a number of team building events available, as well as bespoke client or staff events. Team Tactics has worked successfully with a number of high-end brands such as Facebook, Microsoft and Google.

We are looking for a Donald Trump lookalike to fill a vacancy in our Apprentice-themed treasure hunt. The successful candidate must:

Be willing to remain in character for the extent of the day.

Be subject to weekly spray tan sessions.

Be subject to daily hair stylist appointments.

Have a striking resemblance to Donald Trump.

You will be required to work 40 hours per week – 8 hours a day Monday to Friday within the working hours of the event.

You will be expected to fulfil the usual duties of Donald Trump in respect of his role in the Apprentice, as well as provide voiceovers and be involved in filming of video tape resources used during the event. You may also be required to help teams complete the treasure hunt and improvise based on participants’ comments/questions.

To be considered for this vacancy, you must have experience within a similar role, have a striking resemblance to the president, be able to demonstrate a high level of improvisation and be fully flexible in your approach to working.

In return for your hard work and commitment you will be rewarded with a £50,000 salary, 28 days holiday entitlement, beauty and travel expenses, and free access to other events.

If you think you have the skills, experience and personal qualities we are looking for, we would love to hear from you.

At Team Tactics we have adapted our award winning London team building activities and redesigned them for remote working teams. View our large selection of team building activities.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £50,000

Job Location: London

Required education: Secondary education