With summer steadily approaching we all look forward to the warmer days, bright summer evenings and of course the summer parties and networking events. In this article we look at 5 benefits to having a corporate summer party and why you should be looking to arrange this sooner rather than later.


1: Networking

Networking is an essential part of corporate summer parties as it can bring your company new connections, more business, new relationships whilst also giving you the ability to get to know your clients properly as they let their hair down a little. Networking events could also be the perfect opportunity to introduce new colleagues and teams to the company and give them the opportunity to get to know colleagues out of the working environment.

5 Reasons to have a Corporate Summer Party

  1. 2: Recognition

All hardworking employees deserve recognition and appreciation, a corporate summer party could be the perfect way of thanking them for everything they’ve done throughout the year and motivate them to perform the rest of the year due to that recognition they’ve been given. Make it known that their achievements haven’t gone unnoticed, incorporate a prize or celebrations of their achievements.

A happy, appreciated, motivated employee will work harder, more efficiently and therefore improve your business VS an unhappy, unmotivated employee.



  1. 3: Appreciation of clients and their business 

There is no better way than showing your appreciation to your existing clients than personally inviting them to one of your corporate summer parties. Not only will the weather be exquisite, but you also have a choice in the type of party you can host. Whether you want an evening of drinks and socialising, luxury corporate boxes at a big sporting event or even inviting them to a pre-planned event such as corporate cooking with head chefs to cook and teach you a variety of delicious and new dishes.

5 benefits to having a corporate summer party

  1. 4: Bonding

Bonding within your work place is essential, it will help bring your employees and your departments closer which will increase efficiency and productivity within the workplace. This reason alone is key as you can introduce departments and colleagues to each other by introducing team-based energisers and mix up the teams to encourage teamwork and cooperation. Why not take employees out of their comfort zone in an energetic fun filled environment like our ‘It’s a Knockout‘ inflatable assault course.


  1. 5: Team Building

Team building is an essential part of corporate parties, it gives reason to host a variety of events. Whether you want a fun fueled event like our inflatable assault course “It’s a knockout” or our team-based events such as Game of Zones or indoor team building activities such as Around the World and Robot Wars. We have events to cater to your every need.

Why not have a look at our events page and contact us today to arrange your corporate summer party.

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