Ah Winter time… The air is crisp, the days are shorter, the ground crunches with every step and you lost the feeling in your hands and toes 10 minutes ago.

Despite all this us Brits do love the winter season, it’s a time that brings people together, it’s a time for homely winter stews and of course it’s the perfect time to have an indoor team building event.

Winter Team Building
Team Building – There is No ‘I’ in Team

In the list below we have 8 indoor team building ideas that will energise your colleagues to keep them motivated in these long winter months.

  1. 8. Circus Skills

At no 8. We have Circus skills as who doesn’t love a bit of clowning around?!?

This exhilarating workshop teaches you how to Juggle, Tightrope walk, Stilt walk, Diabolo.

This is an amazing way to reinvigorate your team to think and work together in a variety of new ways.

  1. 7. Haka

At no.7 we have the Haka, this is an amazing way to energise a room especially when your lead instructor is actually a Maori Tribesman from the tribe that made the famous Ka Mate Haka that the All Blacks use!

This high energy adrenaline fueled energiser is outstanding to release tension and just get it all out.

Winter Corporate Team Building Ideas

  1. 6. Clue Done it

At no.6 we have Clue Done it, it’s time for you to put your detective caps on to solve this mystery.

Our CSI style investigatory team building event will ensure you get your staff working together in no time.

Whether you prefer to think more outside the box or search for evidence with a fine-tooth comb this event is a sure start to ensure you not only have fun but also bring everyone together.

5. Bigger Picture

At no.5 we have the Bigger Picture where you get the chance to bring out your inner Picasso!

We set you the task to create a masterpiece utilising colours you and your team earn through a variety of challenging puzzles and tasks.

After you’ve completed the painting you then have the task to piece every part together with your teams to see when combined which team truly has that artistic flair.

The best part is you get to take your painting away with you, what a perfect way to decorate the office.

  1. 4. Indoor Crystal Team Challenge

At no.4 we have our Indoor Crystal Team Challenge.

If you want a manic, interactive team building event then this one is definitely for you.

Teams musts compete against each other in an exhilarating mix of activities, dashing between the Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic zones.

Using a range of mental, skill, physical and mystery challenges you can earn a variety of golden tickets that are used to gain precious seconds in the final activity – The Dome.

Will your team make it through the final task or will you be stuck there forever?

  1. 3. Robot wars

At no.3 we have Robot Wars, we get you to Design, Build, and Battle!

Inspired by the TV programme and run by one of the original teams who worked on the tv programme both in the arena and behind the scenes this high intensity battle royale is the perfect energiser for your team.

We take you through building the robot, adding the weapons and designing it to look as ferocious or friendly as you would like and then and only then we let you test your metal in the Arena.

Which team will win?

Winter Corporate Team Building Ideas

  1. 2. Drone Tech’tastic

At no.2 we have Drone Tech’tastic, this highly interactive event you will work as a team to build a drone, pilot it within our flight school and then build a variety of obstacles to utilise within our drone obstacle assault course. Earn your team points for successfully piloting your teams drone through obstacles, crash and you lose points.

Are you Aviation Ace’s or Pitiful Pilot’s?

1. Around the World in 80 Minutes

At no.1 we have Around the World in 80 minutes.

For those of you who want to itch that travel bug, we take you around the world in 80 minutes to explore different cultures and solve a variety of mental, physical and skill challenges.

Work in teams as you visit a variety of different countries around the world to earn points and gain a variety of amazing team photo’s.

This is one of our fan favourites with our clients.

Winter Corporate Team Building Ideas
Only when you work together can progress be made.

There are numerous team building activities we have to offer above and these only scratch the surface. Whether you want to catch a rat in our team orientated game Rat Trap or explore London in our Game of Zones visiting Medieval, Industrial, Futuristic and Aquatic zones where you solve puzzles both mentally and physically in your teams.

No matter the activity we have something to cater to your needs with a selection of Christmas Party ideas.

Contact us today to organise your winter team building activities.