At Team Tactics, we all have our favourite team building events to attend or plan, but one thing that we can all agree on is that nothing makes us happier than when we have a client request for one of our charity team building activities.

Earlier this year, we worked with one of our clients and a group of 40 to build six bikes. They split the bikes between two charities, half were sent to Manchester, to The National Autistic Society Centre and the other half went to the Scotland and Ireland National Autistic Society. Supporting charities like these means a lot to us, we know the impact that the bikes have on the lives of those that are using them is huge.

What is Autism and how can cycling help?

Symptoms vary from child to child with Autism, for many this includes a lack of balance, co-ordination and body awareness, plus challenges in social interaction, difficulty paying attention and concentrating on an activity for long periods of time. A study was carried out on a group of children, where they were given no-pedal bike training for one hour a day which included 15 minutes of pedalling, three days a week, over a five week period and significant improvements were seen in stability, speech fluency, social and behavioural interaction, sensory alertness and an increase in confidence*. We have spoken to teachers who work in schools with children diagnosed with Autism and they have shared their experience of the difference that investing in bikes makes. They referenced improvements in mood, behaviour, overall wellbeing, and that introducing access to bikes positively impacts their time in school and at home.


National Autistic Society build a bike feedback

Knowing that we have played a small role in improving the wellbeing of individuals is why we continue to promote and expand our charity events. We have heard from both charities mentioned above and understand that they have been really benefiting from the bikes donated by our client. From getting support staff and their kids outdoors, enjoying, and understanding the elements, to looking closely at the mechanics of the bikes and learning how they work, and helping to educate on the importance of health and being active.


national autistic society build a bike feedback

How do charity team building activities work?

Our build a bike for charity activity makes a genuine difference to the lives of vulnerable people within the community. Teams will take part in several fun and engaging activities including the team tyre challenge (remove and refit a tyre in the quickest time) and slow race (Go against human nature and embark on a slow race on BMX’s). Once the bikes are finished and have been quality checked they are ready to be transported to one of our recommended charities or a charity of your choice.

charity team building making a difference

If you have been considering a team building event and like the idea of supporting a charity, please get in touch to find out more about one of our events. We have a selection of charities we have worked with in the past and are happy to add to that list if you have one in mind. Contact a member of our team today to get the ball (or pedal) rolling.

*Bike study reference