Working from home is the norm for some people but for most of us it has been very overwhelming and new. No doubt some people love and have accepted the change so well. Working from home has been a challenge for some but it is not all doom and gloom. There are many benefits about working from home below.

Five Positives About Working From Home.

Your Office Can Be Anywhere—and We Mean Anywhere!

During the lockdown, your office can be anywhere within your house. You can work from your bed, living room or even your garden (job dependent). After lockdown you can take the working from home to your local café or the local dog park. With modern technology you can take your laptop and work from a place you find motivating and a good environment to work in.

You Can Learn More

When you work in the office you are surrounded by colleagues and if your computer breaks your tech team are only a staircase away. It can be all too easy to ask a question and instantly get an answer. When at home you do not have this, you are on your own. Working from home you find yourself developing the skills you will need to find out the answers to your questions. A lot of the time you can google search or find a ‘how to’ guide. Not only will you pick up research skills, but you will also end up with other skills like writing clearer and being a boss at emails. Not bad skills to be good at!

You Can Stay More Focused

You do not have as many distractions when working from home (if you can keep your small children entertained). Being home means you don’t have your best office buddy stopping by for 15 minute chat about their lunch time and being at home you don’t have the distractions of all the tea and coffee breaks you make for the whole office. Being home allows you to knuckle down, this is if you do not turn on your TV or binge watch Netflix. In fact, just stay away from the TV all together.

Five Positives About Working From Home.

Wear What You Want

If you have never worked from home before and are only working from home because of the lockdown we strongly advise that you get dressed for the job you still have. Psychologists recommend you get dressed for work rather than joining those video calls in your PJs. This helps your brain turn into work mode and you look good. You can on the other hand wear your PJ’s or wear that crazy t-shirt you dare not wear to the office. Whatever you decide to wear make sure you are comfortable.

No Commute

With lockdown in full swing and all of us working from home it is good news for some. No Commute! The commute for some is the best time and the worst part of someone’s day. If you enjoyed your commute and found this was a good time to have to yourself you may not now have a commute but you can still spend this time doing something for you. If you hated your commute, enjoy this time not having to commute.

Five Positives About Working From Home.

Whether you are enjoying working from home or not we are all in this together and adapting to each day. It can be lonely at times but it still nice to Zoom with your colleagues and have those all-important team meetings. We have a virtual team building game that is perfect to bring everyone together. Contact us today for more details.