It is always a little awkward bringing a group of people together who do not know each other. It is made even more awkward when this meeting must be done over Zoom or any other video conference calling software. In person a conversation usually picks up and you will find it will flow. Over Zoom it can be difficult because not only are people trying to get to know each other but the internet connections can sometimes be slow so you may even miss what they said. 

The best way to get people to feel comfortable is an ice breaker. Below is a list of 7 fun ice breakers for hybrid and remote teams. They are all fun, interactive and will be sure to make everyone in the group laugh and feel less awkward about an online meeting / conference.  

Choose Your Favourite  

A great icebreaker for the start of your meeting is to have your team members answer a couple of personal questions. These questions should be fun, light, and easy. Perhaps think about your company culture or current topics that have recently been spoken about.  

Send the questions to the team before the meeting some examples of questions could be who is your favourite superhero? If you could have a superpower what would it be. Then get the team one after the other to read out their answers. By sharing common interest and ideas, team members will feel closer together.  


Two Truths And A Lie 

Very simple but a very good way to bring the team together. Each person takes turns to say 3 things about themselves — two of those things are true and one is a lie. The group must guess which of the 3 is a lie — it is good fun! 


If You Could BAnywhere IThe World Right Now 

This is exactly what the title suggests. Everyone in the team states where in the world they would like to be. You could share your screen with everyone and mark each person’s name down onto a map.  

7 Fun Ice Breakers For Virtual Teams

Emoji Check In 

Everyone in the team sends an emoji they feel represents their mood. You could do this at the beginning and at the end of the meeting / conference.  


Picture Charades   

This game is exactly like the classic charades, but it has a virtual twist to it. Each teammate will only use images to explain whatever famous movie, book, etc they pick. Similar rules, no talking, and the images cannot be directly from the movie or book. We recommend a limit of 5 images. 

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What’s My Name 

Very similar to the game Heads Up! The group chose a celebrity’s name and place it on the participants forehead. They must then ask yes or no questions to try and guess the name. This game is great for group interaction.  

7 Fun Ice Breakers For Virtual Teams

Sell Your Space  

Get each participant to grab an item from their home/office. They must then come up with a name, logo, slogan and marketing plan for their object. The objective of the game is to sell their product. Each participant must then give a two-minute presentation of their product, selling it to the audience. They can use share screen for their presentation or get creative.   

7 Fun Ice Breakers For Virtual Teams

Dash And Grab

This is one of our favourites, you can really make this game your own, a couple of our favourite ideas include giving everyone in the meeting a list of household objects and they then have 50 seconds to go and find everything. Examples could include something connected to them or their family or something they miss the most about the office. There are so many different ways you can play this one.

who dares wins virtual christmas party


At Team Tactics we are firm believers that despite the increase in remote and hybrid working, it is important to bring teams together to reconnect and team build – staff away days, team building events and conferences are the perfect opportunity to bring your team together to improve communication, bonding and motivation.

With working from home and hybrid working now more common than pre pandemic, day after day, we understand how tough it is to get your team motivated. We are here to help with that, we have 100s of different team building activities and corporate events that your team will come away from feeling motivated, positive and they would have had a laugh with their fellow work colleagues. 

All our team building activities are highly engaging and motivating and sure to leave the team feeling very positive, if you would like to know more information then give us a call today. Our teams of experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have.