Covid has changed the way we now work. Do we really need to go into the office 5 times a week? Have employees proved they can work just as well at home maybe even better from home? We believe Covid has had a significant change on how we now work. As a leader of a team do you worry your team will not work as well from home or do you feel like they have? In this blog we are going to discuss how you can incorporate a flexible work week without losing productivity.

Work life balance is important and it is even more important now that your employees have had a taste of working from home. The working world has changed and has slowly adapted to the modern world. The image of a workaholic who spends maximum hours working in the office is diminishing as companies want to ensure a their teams are given the flexibility they need. 

Your employees have a life outside of work and employers need to acknowledge this. Work life balance has become a key factor in keeping employees motivated and upbeat. The more you give, the more they give. Happiness encourages creativity, happy employees are more accurate and have a better analytical ability. Most importantly happy employees provide a better service.

How To Incorporate A Flexible Work Week Without Losing Productivity

What Is Work Flexibility?

Work flexibility refers to a practise where employers allow employees to have a choice when it comes to how long, when, and where they should work. Everyone is contracted to set hours however work flexibility allows them to decide to complete this. The work flexibility approach will give employees ownership over their work and it lets them complete their roles and responsibilities at their own pace. If they have deadlines these are expected to be completed on time, but how they get there is up to them. This found of “freedom” will give the employees the power to align professional responsibilities with personal needs.

Work Flexibility can only be implemented if it is suitable with what the employees are doing or needs to be done. Do not just apply it for the sake if it, work flexibility should only be implemented if it is mutually beneficial for both the employees and the organization otherwise it would only lead to chaos and failure.

 How Do I Implement Work Flexibility?

How do you put this amazing work life balance in place without it all going so wrong? You can start by making sure everyone knows exactly what you as a company and a person expects. Work flexibility is not people coming and going as they please it incorporates arrangements and different arrangements that both benefit the organisation and the employee.

The second step would be to start with flexibility on their time. Make sure to give employees independence on their workdays based on their personal and professional needs. All employees will have core working hours that they will need to complete and stick to but overall how they complete this is down to them.

How To Incorporate A Flexible Work Week Without Losing Productivity

Communication is key!  

Whether this is verbally or via a communication platform you must stay in contact with your team. Stick to your meetings and make sure everything you want from them has been communicated and they understand. It is always good to check in on your team but not too much as you do not want to micro-manage them.

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