Why is team building important for staff wellbeing?

Mental health has become a popular topic in recent years with at least 1 in 6 workers experiencing common mental health problems, including anxiety and depression. It is more important now than ever before to check in on your staff and talk freely about mental health. 

Team building activities can play a very important part in this for you and your company, with many benefits.

Why is team building important for staff wellbeing?

1.Extra motivation for employees. If everyone in the team takes part in a fun, participative activity it can provide the group with a mental and psychological boost as it is a change from the day to day routine. This can refresh teams for any future challenges.   

2.Improved team spirit can result from a shared team building experience and can successfully build personal and professional understanding.

3.Improved functioning is a common outcome of team building activities as they require the team to work together, mentally, physically or just by encouraging each other.

Why is Staff Wellbeing Important in the Workplace?

Sometimes life can be draining both in your personal life and in your working world. Therefore, employee wellbeing is extremely important and there are many reasons as to why it should be promoted in your company. 

Staff wellbeing increases commitment and productivity. staff who feel valued and listened to are more likely to be engaged in their goals and the organisation. This leads to staff working positively and performing to their optimal level. Not only this but you will see better staff retention, reduced sick leave and absenteeism and a more resilient workforce.

Promoting wellbeing can help prevent stress as it creates a positive working environment. A positive working environment leads to a thriving organisation and who does not want that? It is important to take care of mental health and wellbeing everyday, especially after the pandemic and the surge of working remotely, leading to more isolated workers.

Why is team building important for staff wellbeing?

Team Building to Increase Staff Wellbeing

Team building is a fantastic way to help create a positive working environment for your team and increase staff wellbeing. It could be tied into a theme, this theme could be your company’s ethos or something you are all celebrating. For example, why don’t you tie in your team building activity with a ‘mental awareness week’ or ‘get to know your team’ week. 

Other departments could perhaps come together to get to know each other better. You could also hold in house workshops and webinars where experienced and qualified mental health professionals present and talk to the teams. They could cover topics like how to handle anxiety in the workplace and how to handle depression or how to reduce stress. 

Take some time with your team to relax with our Office Wellbeing Workshops which include Desk Yoga, Self Massage and Bite Size Breathing. 

Wellbeing and Mental Health

Team Building Activities To Encourage Physical Activity 

Team building events aren’t just about sitting at your desk watching a screen, it is about getting up off of your seat. We offer an amazing power hour workshop which allows you and the team to have fun while taking part in an active fitness power hour class. We find that participants like to feel the burn virtually with their team. One of our professional fitness instructors will guide you step by step. There are also plenty of other opportunities as our outdoor team building activities include challenges that involve getting up and away from your desk.

Team Building activities boost morale resulting in improved mental well-being throughout the team of employees.  Your team will always need team building activities but during this pandemic they will need that extra motivation. Just having something to look forward to makes a great difference. We can provide an exciting and highly interactive team building activity with plenty for you to pick from and there really is something for everyone. Whether you are looking to bring the team closer or boost morale or simply want to treat them for their hard work, we have you covered.

Why is team building important for staff wellbeing?

What is Team Building at Team Tactics?

Team Tactics provide a very wide range of team building activities suitable for corporate team building with bespoke tailoring to match your requirements. Whether it be finding new ways for the team to interact, encouraging creativity, improving morale, or an alternative fun-filled day out of the office in and around London there is a whole range of indoor and outdoor team building activities available. From corporate cooking to circus skills and everything in between, we love creating quirky team building events.

We have team building activities to suit all types of requirements. Two of our top team building activities are our Bright Lights of London Treasure Hunts and our fun self-drive canal treasure hunt London Canal Quest which enable employees to work together in a fun and relaxed environment.

Contact us for some fresh team building ideas.