Team Learning and Development

Add an extra dimension to your next Team Building event with a learning and development (L&D) element.

With the help of our experienced facilitators and training experts, Team Tactics have developed a number of unique and incredibly fun ways to develop teamsimprove team dynamicsencourage leadership and drive team performance.

Our range of exciting team work training sessions add value to a standard team building experience by encouraging learning and are proven to improve communication skills and ultimately build a stronger and higher performing team for your business.

Inspire your team with an unforgettable experiential learning experience and engage your team with a learning and development adventure. The return on your investment in team building by adding this L&D dimension is exponential.

With almost 30 years’ experience providing unique corporate team building solutions throughout London, Team Tactics applies this experience to a number of different leadership training programmes. From graduate development, induction training and on-boarding programmes to board level strategy development, vision building and action planning.

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10-100 people
2-3 hours
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5 Tips For Creating A Collaborative Working Environment
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Immersive Business Game and Team Activities

Team Tactics have developed a number of business games, training exercises and activities that enable participants to explore new ways of thinking and working. Our aim is to challenge individuals and teams to unlock their potential and breakdown barriers through a number of carefully designed and facilitated activities.

Our business games offer the power to engage and enable groups to develop a better understanding of exactly what high performance looks like and how individuals can interact to make a collaborative impact across all areas of the workplace.

Most Popular Activities

Escape to Eden –  Bring participants together like never before. The session will open peoples minds up to the impact of their actions, making every decision critical to their success. Teams will begin with the challenge to build a completely sustainable community with their team, a number of variations typical to real life will throw teams into the deep end from the every start.

It’s a Rat Trap – Test your communication skills, collaboration and teamwork. The objective is to build a series of huge contraptions which perform a chain reaction, when placed in the right sequence. The activity provides a great platform for learning about each other’s behaviour.

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Building High Performing Teams and Team Culture

If a team of people who share a common vision, who collaborate, challenge and achieve outstanding results sounds like the perfect team culture to you, then one of our learning and development training events is a great way to build, develop and sustain a high performing team.

Our experienced training facilitators enable teams to develop their self-awareness, their understanding of others and to identify opportunities to turn good into great. Teams will share a clear vision of what they want to achieve and how to accomplish this goal together.

Most Popular Activities

The Bigger Picture – Designed to allow participants to express themselves, The Bigger Picture provides a fun way to align vision by creating the necessity to understand each other’s interpretation of the vision clearly.

Fast & Furious –  Faced with a jumble of model components teams must switch into overdrive to assemble a range of pieces at speed. The activity is facilitated with a focus on adaptability, resilience and determination to succeed.

Animation Nation – Your team is tasked with creating an animation that tells a story. The way that you build a vision together, articulate the key milestones and translate your vision into a fun and relevant journey says a lot about your team and provides the perfect platform for development.

building high performing teams and team culture
team dynamics and personality profiles
Mobile Events

Team Dynamics and Personality Profiles

Individual personality plays a significant role in how we behave, what we actually choose to do and how we choose to interact. Understanding each others’ preferences allows us to read our colleagues better, interpret more accurately their intentions and adapt our behaviour through training to the best mutually beneficial outcome.

Our approach to personality profiles at Team Tactics takes a unique team focus. Our interest is in the collective potential where the sum of the individual parts is greater than the whole. Join us on an L&D experience which will determine the importance of team dynamics within the workplace and demonstrate how team training can unlock the combined potential.

Most Popular Events

Build a Brand – Teams must not only create their own product, but must build a brand around it to wow their target audience, creating their own marketing plan and design. This activity allows individuals to play to their strengths and recognise in others the skills that they bring to the party.

Sailing Challenge – The clear roles required to steer a yacht successfully along its course provide an energising opportunity to blow away the cobwebs and adopt a fresh perspective on team performance. The experience also creates a real opportunity to stretch out of one’s comfort zone.

It’s a Rat Trap – It’s A Rat Trap reveals the individual way that we each approach a task. The objective is to build a series of huge contraptions which perform a chain reaction, when placed in the right sequence. The activity provides a great platform for learning about each other’s preferred style of leadership.

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Building Team Leadership Skills

The ability to lead effectively relies on a number of key skills, but it is also important to consider that different leaders have very different characteristics and styles.

Our team leadership challenges aim to develop emerging leaders to help them motivate, enthuse, build respect and have the ability to adapt through training to changing circumstances. No matter how experienced you are as a leader there is always something to learn. Our training activities give a unique opportunity for you to learn by experience through interaction.

Most Popular Event

Game of Zones – The Futuristic Zone, Ocean Zone, Medieval Zone and Industrial Zone will test teams to their limits as they race against time to complete interactive and fun challenges. The variety brings out natural differences between individuals leadership styles and presents the opportunity for some seriously active learning.

Around The World – Around the World in 80 minutes will really put your teams through their paces as they come together on a series of challenges requiring teamwork, problem solving and creativity. Fun and immersive challenges require leaders to understand the problem quickly, adapt skills in the team accordingly and deliver a result effectively.

Clue Done It – Drawing on puzzles, clues and forensic evidence teams will piece together the crime and ultimately work out Who Done It? Our Crime Scene Investigation experts will guide teams through the skills needed to solve the mystery while our trainer will facilitate leadership roles to test the leadership skills required for teams to be successful together.

building team leadership skills
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