The Thriller Experience

Taking part in Michael Jackson’s Thriller is something most people only dream about; with Team Tactics’ Thriller experience anyone can live the dream!

Absolutely no dancing experience is required in order to take part in the thriller experience, and even the most choreographically challenged will be surprised by what can be achieved in such little time. Ideally we would love to have 2 1/2 hours of your time for this most iconic, fun and highly entertaining Team Building exercise. However if time is of the essence, we can reduce this and create a more ‘express’ Thriller event

Although you do get the Michael Jackson ‘groupies’ who have waited all their lives to participate in the full Thriller treatment and who are generally those at the front of line, this will engage and unite everybody. There will always be those, more timid, unsure of their synchronicity of body and music together. But we can tell you from experience that this event gets absolutely everybody exhilarated and completely captivated.

Our Thriller experience features three aspects to the event which involve the whole team including learning of the iconic Thriller routine learning (we do it so well, you’ll amaze yourself!), zombie costumes to transform the group into the walking dead, plus the all-important dramatic makeup to complete a draw-dropping Thriller experience.

This event is ideal for group team building or in conjunction with a conference or meeting. We can tailor the event to suit your requirements and for the competition to have the appropriate emphasis: your group can work together as one whole group or if you’d prefer, we can create a dance-off with our choreographers judging.

You will be welcomed to our iconic dance studios by our expert Thriller choreographer, our costumier and our professional makeup artist.  After a briefing and warm-up, guests will learn segments of the routine and be taken through their ‘zombie’ paces. Who has two left feet and who is the new Michael Jackson?

Key facts

30-500 people
2-3 hours
Mobile Event Across The UK
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The Thriller Experience Team Building Activity
Music & Dance Team Building

The Thriller Experience

Transform your guests from delegates to zombies in minutes! Our resident Pop Choreographer will take them through their “zombie” paces as they learn all of the moves to the Thriller dance.
All left feet welcome!

Our creative Costume Designer/Make Up Artist who has worked on many different shows and music videos, will teach your group how to create that perfect and scary “zombie” look …they will be given various pieces of material put together their zombie costumes also; using different methods and techniques create their own pop video makeup.

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Package includes

  • Pre event site visit (where necessary)
  • Props and costumes
  • Experienced dance choreographer
  • Costume designer and make-up artist
  • Travel and transportation of event staff and equipment
  • Public liability insurance