Changing lives, building teams

A powerful combination of team building and charity 'Give a Helping Hand', is an event like no other.

In teams of three or four, you will collaborate to create a prosthetic hand for individuals in developing countries.

This event offers a meaningful opportunity to positively impact lives while also boosting morale, enhancing communication, and strengthening teamwork. Although the event has a serious theme, it is designed to be engaging and enjoyable. Your team will collaborate in new ways, facing a challenging yet rewarding task. With excellent communication and teamwork, your group will successfully build a prosthetic hand.

Sometimes team building exercises can make some members of the team feel insecure or challenged. Not on this occasion – and it was for a worthwhile cause. It enabled teams to get mixed up, it needed people to work together – which was great as people had to work with people from different areas of the business and we had a mix of new recruits and those that had been here a while . It helped create connectivity and there was not a flip chart in sight.IWFM

Best Charity Event_Give a Helping Hand

Key facts

12-500 people
1.5 - 2 hours
Mobile event across the UK
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Give a Helping Hand
Charity Team Building

Give a Helping Hand

Each event starts with an insight into the lives that will be changed by the work that your group will be doing that day. You will see a video of REAL people and REAL stories, from the actual recipients of the hands built.

Each prosthetic hand will be fitted to someone in need in a developing country, completely free of charge, to support them in their day to day lives, the hands are fitted by medical professionals and adjusted to be comfortable and functional. The positive difference that your team building activity will make to someone’s life is hard to put into words. It means that someone can work, can support and raise their family and can do things that they didn’t believe would be possible after losing a limb.

It’s the team building event that makes a REAL difference.

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Package includes

  • CE Certified high-grade plastic and metal devices
  • Team Tactics event planning
  • All equipment and tools necessary to complete the build
  • A bag per team and pens, stencils to decorate the bag
  • Team Tactics event manager and assistants
  • Onward delivery to various developing countries
  • Public Liability insurance up to £5million