Cab Clue Trail London

Combining hands-on activity and competitive elements with all out fun, our GPS London Cab Clue Treasure Hunt is a fantastic way to explore the nation's iconic capital.

Steeped in history and mystery, our capital city provides one of the best locations for the GPS Cab Clue Trail, as participants must solve the riddles and find the clues hidden across London in our taxi cab adventure that will put their detecting skills to the test. Each team is armed with their own iPad complete with the GPS Treasure Hunt App, displaying their teams location and score and those of their rivals!  Of course, each team will be given one big advantage with their own London cab driver who will do all the driving and take part as a member of the team!

This event is a great way to help your staff find new ways of working together successfully and improving interaction and communication. Team work and creativity are both key in order to score maximum points and score highly with our fun bonus questions! Working in teams of 4-5 per cab we can run the Cab Clue Trail Treasure Hunts for groups of 10 to 200.

Key facts

10-200 people
2-3 hours
Central London
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Treasure Hunts

Cab Clue Trail

Before setting off, there will be a thorough briefing and all equipment needed will be supplied. Teams will have to solve a riddle to find our destinations and once there, the trail begins!

Points will be attributed for each correct answer. Teams are given points for solving the clues and further points for success with photography, scavenging, quizzes and brainteasers. The final destination could be a private room at a restaurant or bar to review each team’s efforts and for the much awaited announcement of the team winners. The GPS Cab Clue Trail is an excellent and challenging team game, but most of all it’s such incredible fun.

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Cab clue trail package includes

  • One cab per team
  • iPad per team loaded with the game
  • Own cabby as a team member
  • All pictures digitally supplied post event.
  • Drinks hamper per team (optional but recommended!)
  • Team Tactics event management