Whether you’re a close knit team or an international company, team building events can still have a vital impact on your team’s performance. Not every company has floors of different departments and many may have a single team with overlapping job functions. These are the teams in which team work is incredibly important. That’s why we’ve put together our list of team building events for SME’s. These are team building events in which you work cohesively as one group, as opposed to several competing groups, making them perfect for smaller teams who work together.

Corporate Cooking Team Building

  • Animation Nation. Although we can run Animation Nation for groups of up to 60, this event works equally well when produced with a small team. Each team member will create their own plasticine character who’ll feature in a short animation. 
    Your team will decide on which characters to create for the animation before then producing a storyboard. In the past we’ve created animations based on a client’s values or a memorable event making not only the process of this event but the finished product meaningful to the client.
  • Corporate Cooking. Corporate cooking is the ultimate alternative to the standard office night out! Instead of heading to the team’s favourite bar or restaurant, the team will be welcomed at one of our professional kitchen venues in Central London. 
    Here your team, under the guidance of professional chefs, will work together on creating a lovely three-course meal which they’ll then sit down and enjoy at the end with a large glass of wine!
  • Television Team Day Experience. This is team building on a large scale! Every member of the team has an important part to play in bringing together a production. Roles range from technician to presenter and all must do their part in order to produce a polished production.
    Depending on the size of your team, you’ll produce shows such as sales channel promotions, quiz shows and talk shows. Expert technicians will be on hand throughout the day to provide guidance and assist where necessary to ensure your team produce TV gold!
  • The Haka. There’s something special about our Haka team building sessions. It’s not only the result of our authentic Maori tribesmen performing this legendary dance, but the powerful result of your fully face painted team performing this legendary dance. This uplifting, interactive and exhilarating activity is the the ultimate to motivate, refresh and rejuvenate your team and lasts between 1 – 2 hours. Just like in the office, your team will work together in unison to perform a spine-tingling Haka war dance.
  • Thriller. Similarly to The Haka, Thriller is a great active team building event designed to get everyone in sync with each other. Our expert choreographer will teach everyone the moves like Michael in a thrilling practise session, after which your team will then make themselves up like zombies with a lesson from our Costume Designer/Make Up Artist. At the end your team will perform the whole Thriller routine in a spectacular finale!

The Haka Team Building