Over the last 2 years we have collected research from our customer database, post-Christmas party – finding out what each respondent did at their office Christmas party, including whether they got drunk, didn’t drink at all, made out with a colleague, told their boss they hated their job or fell asleep for example. We paired this with general lifestyle and personality questions, so we could create profiles based on the results.

Our findings revealed that on average almost a fifth of employees have had a severe warning due to their Christmas party behaviour and a tenth have been sacked! Just less than a third said they avoided getting drunk at their office Christmas party, just in case they embarrassed themselves in front of their boss and co-workers. Shocking we know!

We thought we’d put this research to good use and have created a fun personality quiz, ahead of this year’s Christmas festivities, so you can find out which office Christmas party person you are!

Tina Benson, managing director at Team Tactics said,

“Office Christmas parties are always an interesting time of the year, it seems that employees are either really excited or get nervous about attending! I think the way you feel about office work parties is highly personal, so we decided to do a little digging and see if there are ‘types’ of Christmas work party people, and our research indicates there definitely is!

“If people want to steer away from the generic office Christmas parties, there are other options available, which is what we cater for. Bonding with your co-workers is important, you probably see these people five days a week and establishing a good relationship is crucial for a productive workplace.”

Try our quiz below and find out what type of Christmas party character you are: