What Is Working Collaboratively?

Working in a collaborative environment simply means getting more work done faster. Two is better than one! Working collaboratively means a group of people constructively explore ideas that is more powerful than one’s own vision. There is a growing trend of remote working and millennials go-getting with a flexible attitude to work. Now more than ever teams must be able to communicate, collaborate and share ideas easily and confidently. 

5 Tips For Creating A Collaborative Working Environment

One team is better than one individual, look at Nasa’s Apollo 11. Not only a huge milestone for science and mankind but a great example of a top performing team. Neil, Buzz and Michael never would have made it to the moon without their supporting team and many years of research from other people made this mission a success. When you are apart of a team, you can accomplish anything.


How Do You Build A Collaborative Working Environment?

  • Identifying One’s Individuals Strengths – In order to have a successful team you must start to find individuals who complement one another. In a collaborative environment it is important to remember to play to everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Once you have established this you can then pair them with the appropriate tasks.


  • Make Sure To Establish Team Goals – To drive success in a team it is very important to set measurable goals for everyone on a quarterly basis. Having goals provides team member with achievable goals and motivates them to work towards them. Goals can break down barriers and really drive teamwork. Make sure that these goals are available and are re-evaluated so new goals can be made, and progress can be tracked.


  • Give Credit Where Credit Is Due – Whatever your team are working on and when you know they are working hard, effectively and collaboratively be sure to praise them. This creates a much better working environment and it motivates your team. Your team will feel valued and appreciated!

5 Tips For Creating A Collaborative Working Environment

  • Innovation – Encouraging innovation and teaching the team to brainstorm in an open and non – judgemental environment will lead them to be able to face challenges and obstacles that will occur on their journey as a team. A “Can – do” attitude should be instilled into the team this will motivate them and help manage expectations. The more connected the team feel the more motivated they all will be. Their thoughts and ideas should be asked of on a regular basis.


  • Create Stronger Bonds By Having Funwe have established that by making your team feel valued and appreciated brings great results. They say work hard play harder, so it is advised to do exactly that for your team. You could treat them to a nice day out or a lunch. However, to really break the ice between team members and bring them together treat them to a Team Building activity.


Not only does it increase motivation, collaboration and encourage creativity it also reinforces a positive attitude within the team. These are important elements to have when creating a Collaborative Working Environment. You could try some of the following activity’s Who Dares Wins, London Canal Quest,  Treasure Hunt or London Game Of Zones


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5 Tips For Creating A Collaborative Working Environment