Body language is very important in all aspects of life. It is, after all how we break down barriers and build a better connection with people. Body language is the unspoken communication that reveals your true thoughts and emotions. You can tell a lot about someone just through their body language. Body language includes your gestures, facial expressions and posture. How does having strong body language help you within the workplace? Let’s get started.

The Power Of Body Language Within The Working World.  Did You Know That You Make An Impression Within The First Seven Seconds?

It can be daunting and overwhelming when you know you must make a good first impression. It could be a business meeting or a job interview either way it must be done, and it must be done well. In business first Impressions are everything, you will be mentally labelled whether that is trustworthy, powerful or suspicious and once labelled everything you then do after will be seen through this filter. You can’t stop people making a snap decision on you, but you can learn to make those decisions work in your favour.

Body language is powerful, and it will make more of an impact than what you say. Here are some tips to remember. Smile! Smiling is positive and it makes you friendly and approachable. Make eye contact, this is very important as it makes you seem interested and you transmit energy. Posture is important, so make sure to stand tall and be confident and finally shake their hand, it’s the quickest way to make report and it is the most effective.

Have You Ever Heard Of Power-Posing Postures? 

Through the power of research, it is known that power posing can be used to build a sense of strength and confidence in social situations. The results suggest that a very simple strategy can increase your confidence in what could be a stressful situation such as job interview, negotiations, or when meeting new people. These power posing postures include “Wonder Woman pose” arms on hips and legs apart another one is the “CEO” seated with legs on desk and hands behind the head.

Research showed that by holding both poses for two minutes or more led to greater feeling of power and confidence. So next time you want The Power Of Body Language Within The Working World. v to feel confident or need a boost before that all-important meeting try one of these out.

Listen And Respond

People love to talk, and people love it when they have someone listening and is interested. If you are generally interested in what they are saying, then this will show. Always listen to what someone is saying and don’t interrupt them, people make mistakes so if you do find yourself interrupting then apologise and let them continue. Keep your phone in your bag, don’t be distracted by it. Nodding occasionally when someone is speaking, will imply that you are not only listening, but are interested in what others are saying. A nod will help get the message across that you agree with what the other person is saying, it also shows encouragement.

Team Building And Body Language

There are many classes available to help improve your body language and communication, here at Team Tactics we have several learning and development team building events. One of our events is purely based on body language and how the whole team becomes one, this is our Haka event it is the perfect energiser and to add a memorable element to a conference or meeting.

How about learning routines from our professional Bollywood dancers, this pulsing, expressive dance activity is a unique cultural experience and it will stimulate interaction between participants. Contact us today to discuss these in more information.